Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 Months Old

Oliver turns 3 months old today. I feel like he's not a little baby anymore (although I know he is). But, he is growing and doing so much.

He is sleeping pretty well. At night, he sleeps in his bed and he usually goes to sleep sometime between 10 and 11. He will sleep until about 5 or 6 in the morning. I will feed him and put him back down until about 9. During the day, he mostly takes naps in his swing. He stays asleep much longer than in his crib. He curls up on his side and waits for us to put a blanket up next to his face. Then he drifts off to sleep. He seems to be a pretty sound sleeper. His swing is out in the living room around us and we never close the door to his room while he is sleeping in his crib. So, he gets pretty used to all of our noise. He will also sleep really well in my sling. So, he sleeps most of the time when we are out shopping.

He smiles so easily. It just lights up my heart. He even started giggling last week. He loves to look at himself in the mirror. He usually sits in the Bumbo and looks at himself while I get ready in the mornings. He is very social and will coo and smile back when you talk to him. He does not like to be left alone. He wants to be around people.

He loves his daddy a lot. (It must be the coke that he gives him. He's a little late getting his first sip though. Madeline got her's at 2 months.) He is very happy in Andrew's arms. He has also been smiling a lot at Madeline as she goes about her day.

He is getting better at grabbing things every day. He sits up in his exersaucer pretty well and can make some of the toys make music on his own. He has rolled over from his back to his belly. But, we missed it. We were getting Madeline ready for bed and came back out and saw him on his belly. (Although, my mom and I both witnessed him rolling over the day after we brought him home from the hospital.) He has also rolled from his belly to his back. But, he was mad that I was laying him down for a nap. So, that helped him get over. :)

Oliver is such a joy. He has been such an easy baby. And we thank God for blessing us with him. It's hard to imagine life without him now. We love you Ollie boy!
3 Months


Brad & Lauren Holmes said...

Okay, I have to admit the nickname "Ollie boy" is really cute!!! :-) And I LOVE the photos you took of him...they are gorgeous!

Beth Simmons said...

So cute! I loved reading up on all of Oliver's accomplishments! I love all the pictures, especially the top one. It makes me smile. I hope I can see him for real soon!

Anonymous said...
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The Cavanaughs said...

I have to have a blanket by my face to sleep too!!! What a cutie pie!

Katherine said...

I like how he smiles with his eyes. Very sweet.