Sunday, September 23, 2007

30 Weeks!

Well, we finally made it to 30 weeks! (Well, technically it will be tomorrow. But, close enough.) That means that there are only 10 weeks left. That is only 2 1/2 months. That really isn't long at all. In these next 10 weeks, our little girl will probably triple in size. I hope that doesn't mean that I'll triple in size. (It's funny how you don't realize how big you are until you take a picture of yourself and look at it.)

We are slowly making progress on the nursery. We made a trip to IKEA and got a dresser. We will probably put a changing pad on top of the dresser.

We also got some cubbies to store her books and toys.

We also ordered a crib. So, hopefully it will get here in the next few weeks. A big THANK YOU to Andrew's parents for all the new furniture. I think your new granddaughter will love it.

Our little girl and I have been playing a new game. It's kind of a mixture of tag and hide-and-seek. She started playing this last night during a brass concert. I have been able to feel her move around for quite awhile now. But, now I can feel different parts of her. She has been poking her little feet (or some body part) way out, so I poke her back. Then she hides for a little while. (Where she goes, I don't know. But, she hides pretty well.) Then she will do it again. So, I push her back. She did it during church this morning. So, I poked her back and then she went way up under my ribs. So, maybe she is trying to tell me to leave her alone. She is probably getting very annoyed with me, but I think it is a fun game.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

We Finally Registered!

Andrew and I went to Target today to register for all the fun baby stuff that our little girl needs. (And a few things that WE thought were pretty cool.) I have to say, it went pretty smoothly. It didn't take too long and we got out of there before Andrew went on baby overload. But, if you happen to see something that is just an aweful product, please let us know. And on the other hand, if we missed something, please let us know.

Andrew had a lot of fun with the toy above. It is from Leap Frog. The little feet on the caterpillar say the sounds of the letters. And when you push several in a row, you can make words. Being the wonderful father that he is, Andrew wanted to make sure that our sweet little girl wouldn't be sounding out any profane words. But, Leap Frog must have known that people like us would try to do that. So, any bad word we tried to make, the caterpillar would just say "that tickles" and then giggle a little. So, you could spell things like "dad" or "cat". But when you pressed "d" "a" and then "m" it would just giggle. We tried many words and I think Leap Frog thought of them all. Go Leap Frog! :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Baby's Room

My parents came up this weekend to help us with the baby's room. We had a lot of furniture to move out of the room and then a lot of work to do in the room.

The ceilings are very tall in her room so we decided to put up some molding so that we would only have to paint the bottom part of the room. Dad and Andrew did a great job putting that up and painting the ceiling white. The ceiling kind of disappears now.

Mom and I went to get some paint for the room. This is the second pink that we ended up with. The first pink was a bit "pepto bismol-ish". Now the pink is very soothing and sweet. We are still going to paint some stripes on one of the walls behind the crib. But, we got enough done for one long weekend.

Thanks mom and dad for all you hard work. We enjoyed spending time with you.

Labor Day Weekend

Along with working on the baby's room we also got a few more projects done with dad's help. He changed all the outlets and switches in the baby's room and our bathrooms to white instead of the almond color. He also installed our light fixture in our laundry room and the light in our foyer that we have been waiting on for so long. Thanks dad! (I am sure he was ready to go home today after all the work we had for him this weekend.)

But, even though it was labor day weekend, we carved out a little time for some Wii playing. We did a lot of bowling and tennis playing. I don't want to brag or anything, but I did get 6 strikes in a row during one of our bowling games. Here is the proof. This is the closest I will be getting to a six-pack, probably for the rest of my life, thanks to all the stretching our litte girl is doing to my abs.

Here are all our Wii Mii's (pronounced "We Me's") (Sorry for the lines. It is hard to take a picture of the TV.)

Dad (aka Hitler):


and me:

Back to School

Sorry that my updates have slowed down a little bit. Things have been very busy with the start of school. The students came back last Monday. We had a great week. I only have 21 students so far. That is much better than the 26 that I had last year. I have a very sweet class. And I am actually much happier being back at school than I thought I was going to be. (I was really enjoying my summer and sleeping in until 10:00.) It hasn't taken long for us to get back in the swing of things. Here you can see my students working very hard on their writing. They are working on personal narratives. (or just stories about themselves.)

Now, I just have to make it through Back-to School-Night this week. It is going to be a late night on Tuesday and Wednesday.