Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 We had a fabulous Christmas here today despite some sickness.  Poor Madeline has had a fever for the past 2 days.  And she ended up throwing up this morning while opening presents.  But, thankfully she is feeling better now.  I think Andrew counted about 70 presents under our tree this year.  And only about half of those were from us.  The kids love to shop and make things for each other.  So, the tree was already pretty full before we even put our gifts under it. 

 Andrew scored this little Christmas village at an auction this fall for under a $1.  It was a fun little addition this year.   

 We started with stockings once Nana and Papa arrived.
 Oliver was so fun to watch this morning.  He was so excited about everything. 

 Eloise has been very happy to sit on the presents all week. I guess they are just the perfect size to make a seat for her. 

I think Eloise's favorite gift was her toothbrushes.  I like easy-to-please kids.   

And one more of Oliver. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas too!