Thursday, April 30, 2009


Madeline has something she wants to tell everyone. Could you please move the flower out of the way, Madeline?

That's right! We are having another baby.

Madeline did not seem too happy about it at first.

But once she realized she would have someone smaller to boss around... I mean... teach wonderful things too, then she was very happy with the situation. (And she may have been even happier if her mother had not burned the iron-on transfer on her shirt. Oh well.)

And you have seen her mothering skills. I think she will be a great big sister!

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. Which means that my due date is Nov 9, 2009. (We are shooting for the 10th, so their birthday can be 11.10.09. :)) We had a sonogram at 8 weeks. (Unfortunately, our scanner doesn't work anymore. So, I can't post the picture until we get a new one.) But, our little baby's heart was beating wonderfully around 170 bpm. We also got to hear the heartbeat again on Tuesday. I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty similar to how I felt with Madeline. I am hoping I will get a little more energy back in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The last time Andrew's parents were up here with Madeline, they found a slide that Madeline really liked. So, Andrew, Madeline and I headed out in search of this fun slide.

Guess what? We found it! It is a really fun twirly slide. Slides are quickly becoming Madeline's favorite playground equipment. And she can do this one all by herself!

We didn't get to slide too long because a storm was coming. But, we did have time to stop and smell the Roses (in this case, Tulips) on the way home before it started raining hard.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Booster Seat

Madeline's latest obsession is this booster seat. (At least it was last week, but I didn't get around to blogging about it then.) Sometimes when we have friends over, we get this chair out so they can have a seat to eat in as well. If it is left out, then Madeline thinks it is the greatest thing. One night, she sat in it and worked on snapping the buckles for almost an hour. Unfortunately, she never figured it out. And of course, she didn't want my help. But, she never got frustrated. She will also drag this chair around the house and sit in it. As you see in the picture above, she put it in my rocking chair and then wanted to sit in it to read books. When it was time for a bath that night, I heard her dragging that chair behind her to put in the tub. (We decided to leave it out:) I guess it is just nice to have things your own size.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Easter (A Few Weeks Late)

We spent Easter weekend down in Roanoke.

After church, Madeline got to open her Easter basket.

She got some pacis, matchbox cars, a book and a monkey.

She tried to "share" with the kitty all weekend. The cat just didn't want anything that Madeline was throwing at... I mean... giving to her. Here she is trying to share one of her new cars.

Madeline had a great time playing outside in the yard.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with family...
Madeline and Pawpaw

Nathaniel and his new (gigantic, but awesome) lens

Mom and I

Daddy and Madeline
We had a great Easter with my family. But, we are most thankful for the amazing sacrifice of God's only son to pay the penalty for our sin since we can't be perfect. And not only that, but he conquered death by raising from the dead. So, not only is our God amazing, but he is ALIVE! And that is why we celebrate Easter.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family from Michigan

(I'm doing a little bit of back tracking here since I haven't really blogged in a while.) Andrew's family from Michigan came down to DC for their spring break a few weeks ago and we enjoyed hanging out with them while they were here. As you can see there was a lot going on with 5 extra kids at Nana and Papa Paul's house.

Ezra was really into hugging Madeline. He just didn't understand how big he was. Madeline was a little scared of him the last day we saw him. :)


Nana and Hannah playing with Madeline in Nana's front yard.

Zeke had a birthday while they were down here. So, we got to enjoy some cake and ice cream for his special occasion.

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium one day as well. But, I forgot my camera. And really, it was too crowded to take pictures anyways.
At the end of the week we also got to see the Nelson's. Tim is actually who married Andrew and I almost 5 years ago! We only got to see them for one evening. So, we don't have many pictures with them. But, we enjoyed our time with them as well. We are hoping we will get up to Michgan again this summer to visit all the family!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Madeline is really starting to pretend these days. This morning she started by helping Mr. Lion go to the bathroom in the upstairs bathroom of her dollhouse.

Mr. Lion went Peepee in the potty!

Then she had to put on her make-up while I did mine.

Then she was ready to take care of her babies. In case you didn't know, she has twins. They certainly aren't identical twins though. One is Baby Stella. The other is Elmo. She thought that Baby's face was a little dry so she put some lotion on her.

Then it was time for the babies to have a snack. So, she worked very hard at getting them to sit up in her booster seat.

Then they were ready to go to Target. We don't have a carseat for them (obviously), so Madeline just held them in her lap the whole time. And then they rode in the buggy around Target with her as well. I don't know how she keeps up with two of them!

Once we got back from Target, we were all very hungry for lunch. While I was fixing her lunch, she managed to get them in her highchair like this and get her milk out of the diaper bag for them. I'm not sure how she got them in there so well.

Then, it was time to blow bubbles with our new spill-proof bubbles that we got at Target. Madeline was a great teacher and showed Elmo how to blow.

And of course it helps to model for your kids how to do something.

The babies got very dirty while we were blowing bubbles, so Madeline thought they needed a bath. So, I got out her old baby bath and she gave them a bath.

And what good mother wouldn't climb right on in the tub when she realizes that her babies are not happy in there?

They got very clean!

Then it was time to read some books before naptime. (I guess Elmo already went to sleep since he isn't part of storytime.)

Isn't she such a sweet mommy snuggling with her baby before naptime.

Oh how I love this sweet little girl. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jason and Jeni Weissman

Tracee getting her hair done.

Cory, Jeni's sister did Jeni's makeup.

A little bridesmaid fun!

Marianne and I

Andrew and I

Chris and Jenny

More bridesmaid fun...

4 roommates from college; Cristen, Krisha, me and Jenny

Jason wishing the show would get started


Jeni and the Father of the Bride coming over the bridge


Exchanging rings

Sand ceremony

Husband and wife

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Weissman

Madeline dancing on the dance floor

Enjoying a little dinner

First Dance

Chase had a long night. He was sleepy.

Tossing the garter.

Farewell with sparklers.