Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning

We woke up, on Christmas morning, at our house this year.  It was really fun to see Madeline excited about the gifts that appeared under the tree.  The first present she opened was the one from Oliver, which she actually picked out herself and said it was from Oliver.  

It was a Curious George book.   Surprise! :)

Oliver wasn't all that into opening his presents.  He was happy with a little paper.  But, Madeline chose a Look and Find book for him.  And he liked it once it was open.  

Madeline helped Oliver open the rest of his presents. 

It's Super Oliver!

Madeline got a lot of musical instruments.  She has been asking for an accordion and monica (harmonica) for a while.  

 Oliver liked playing with the accordion as well.  

And she needed a new blue recorder.  

Madeline got a cape too.

Madeline also got some pretend donuts for her kitchen since she loves donuts and a Wii game.  Oliver got some puzzles and tools.  And they both got a set of wooden unit blocks.  After opening all the gifts, we ate some breakfast including sausage, donuts and waffles.  

And then we waited for Nana and Papa to come up to show them all our new toys.  They brought some really cool MagnaTiles and lots of other gifts too.  

After our Christmas morning at home, we headed to our SIL's parents' house for a Christmas lunch.  It was very nice.  But, I didn't take any pictures.  :(  But, it was a wonderful Christmas day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

For the first year, we headed to the Christmas Eve service at church on Christmas Eve.  We are usually out of town.  But, we decided to stay home this year so that the kids can be at home on Christmas morning.  It was a really nice service and I am so glad we went despite all the the wrapping and packing that still needed to be done that night.  After bath time, the kids got to open their Christmas jammies.  And Madeline helped wrap a few of the presents that she had picked out for Oliver and me.  

 We read the Christmas story together and then got a few Christmas jammie pictures before bedtime.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We hope that you have a very merry Christmas!  We are enjoying our morning together as a family.  We start our traveling around lunchtime.  These are a few pictures from our Christmas photoshoot with mom.  There are many more.  I just haven't had time to finish editing them.   

And this is the card we ended up choosing!  Thanks Shutterfly :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Where's Baby Jesus?

Is that baby Jesus?  I don't think so

Where did he go?

Oh, there he is!

MOPS Christmas Program

At our December MOPS meeting, the oldest MOPPETS class came up to perform their short musical.  Madeline got to be an angel.  There wasn't much time to practice for this performance, especially since we hadn't even met since the beginning of November.  So, even though they didn't know the words, they were still pretty cute.  I love how Madeline (angel) and Kaylee (shepherd) are in their own world and they are quickly pulling Andrew (the donkey) into that world.   And the little girl beside Madeline is being pretty patient with the fact that Madeline's wings are poking her in the face.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Madeline's 2nd 3rd Birthday Party

I guess, since Christmas is 2 days away, I should finish posting about Madeline's birthday.  We had a party here at our house the weekend after her birthday for our/her friends and family in the area.  Madeline has had her eye on this pinata since October when she saw a pinata at her friends' birthday party.  She wanted to help get ready for her party, so she stuffed all the candy into the pinata, one piece at a time.  

She had lots of friends at her party, including Ava, Faith and Andrew.  Jillian and Anna were there as well as Nana, Papa, Uncle Daniel andAunt Katherine, Brad and Lauren, Jon and Julie and our neighbor Sybil. 

My good friend, Lauren.  She's always ready to celebrate with us.  And she blogged about Madeline's party here as well.   

Madeline wanted a chocolate cake for the longest time.  Then she wanted a balloon cake.  But, once she saw this cake in the freezer at Target, it is the only cake she could think about.  So, she got a Carvel ice cream cake for her birthday.  And it was yummy.  

Brad and Lauren

If Papa is around, you will not find Oliver in anyone else's arms.  He loves his grandpas.

Oliver is already picking on little Anna.  Sorry Anna

I had to include this one because I knew Andrew's (Buddy's) daddy would love for the world to know what he does in secret.  :)  I'm sure Oliver will be doing the same thing in a few years.  Right now he just sticks the brush in his ears.  

Anna and her daddy

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you, 

Happy birthday, dear Madeline.  
Happy birthday to you!

It cracks me up how all the kids hover around the birthday girl when she opens presents.  It happens at every party we go to.  It's so sweet how kids get so excited for their friends.  

Madeline got so many wonderful gifts from everyone, including a hand made scarf that matches mine, a cinderella doll that changes clothes, a shopping cart (that Oliver is standing in), a Pinkalicious sticker and coloring set, some handmade cards and

a balance bike.  These had great reviews, so I thought Madeline would probably like it.  I am so glad her Nana and Papa got it because she LOVES it.  She rides it around all over the house.  It has been a little cold to take it outside. So, it is an inside toy for a while.  But, she is getting really fast on it.  If she was able to ride it outside for just a little bit, she would be able to balance it perfectly.  Oliver likes to ride on it too.  If we could lower the seat a little more easily, then he could probably ride it by himself too. 

After opening presents, it was time for the pinata (that Madeline stuffed herself).  Uncle Daniel held it up from the balcony for us.

This pinata was pretty much indestructible.  

And even though Madeline really wanted this at her party, she didn't want to hit it.  She just wanted her friends to hit it. 

Eventually, Andrew just ripped it open and all the kids (and Brad) gathered as much candy as they could.

 I don't know what they are talking about, but it was intense.  I love how little Anna is looking right at me (or Andrew, whoever took the picture).  

After all the partying and bathtime, Madeline enjoyed decorating her Pinkalicious poster and 

riding her bike around.  

I think our new 3 year old had a pretty good party.