Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a Girl!

We had another sonogram for baby number 3 and found out that she is a girl!  Or at least, 90% a girl.  We had the sonogram at 17 weeks.  So, the sonogram tech didn't want to say for 100%.  And Andrew thought that maybe he did see "something" while she was searching for the gender.  andFortunately, our little girl was laying on her back the whole time so she couldn't get good pictures of her spine.  So, we are going back in a couple weeks for a few more shots.  Hopefully we can get a 100% confirmation on the gender.  

 The good news is that she looks completely healthy and she is forming perfectly.  I am not really a worrier.  But, before this midway sonogram, I was having dreams and thoughts of what could possibly be wrong.  So, it was reassuring to hear and see that everything is fine.   Not that we wouldn't love our baby if something was "wrong".  It's just nice to hear that she is healthy and won't have to go through major heart surgeries or something worse.  
We're getting pretty excited to meet this new little girl.  Almost halfway there!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Madeline started a soccer class on Tuesday.  Soccer was the only thing she was interested in doing.  I'm guessing that when we told her we would be doing soccer, she didn't think it was going to be an actual class with kids and people she didn't know.  

She was incredibly shy, so I did a lot of the class with her.  The only pictures I could get of her, were of their parachute time.  But, they did actually do stretching, running and dribbling as well.  Coach Jill was really nice and encouraging and despite Madeline's shyness, I think she really enjoyed it.  I think it will be good for her.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mama Madeline

Oliver usually likes to snuggle when he wakes up in the morning.  Actually, so does Madeline.  But, yesterday Madeline really wanted Oliver to sit on her lap and snuggle.  I didn't think he would really go for it.  But, I sat him down on her lap, he grabbed a piece of toast and they snuggled and watched cartoons for about 15 minutes.  

It's been sweet to see Madeline sweet heart lately.  She's been doing her best to be sweet, nurturing and patient with Oliver.  Even when he bothers her stuff that she is working hard on.  I think she is going to love having another baby around the house.  

Madeline always tries to coordinate their jammys at night too.  If she has her kitty cat jammys, she wants Oliver to wear his doggy jammys.  

Monday, April 4, 2011


When did Oliver get big enough to climb the ladder, 

cross the bridge, 

 and go down the slide, all by himself?

When did Madeline get big enough to hang from so high up and let me take a picture of it?

When did Madeline get mature enough to always be checking on Oliver to make sure he isn't going to get hurt and to help him go down the slide?

When did Madeline figure out how to spin 'round and 'round without throwing up?

When did Madeline get brave enough to want a Ladybug to crawl on her finger, but not brave enough to have it fly right by her face?

When did Oliver get so cute?

When did they learn how to play so sweetly with each other?

And want to be close to each other?
When did Madeline stop caring that her hands were dirty and just get on with playing?

 When did Madeline learn how to go across the whole balance beam without falling off?

 When did Oliver stop eating the chalk and start actually drawing with it?

When did Madeline figure out that she could fit in the baskets under the stroller?

Man I love these kids.  Life is happening so quickly with these 2.  They are constantly growing, changing and amazing me.  But, today, time stood still for a few hours while we just enjoyed each other and being outside in the warm air.        

Life is sweet right now.  

I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

St. Patty's Day

What?  It's not even March anymore?  Well, I can still wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day.  To celebrate good Ole St. Patty's Day, we headed to Brookside Gardens with our MOPS group for a fun morning scavenger hunt. Oliver's wearing green under his sweatshirt.  And Madeline didn't have anything green to wear.  But, she did get to wear her flip flops.  That was an exciting day!

We found the Blarney Stone which had green glitter all over it!  And Madeline's favorite part was the green "sfarkly" shamrock sticker that she got at this rock.  

Then the kids got to roll down a hill.  Madeline got up a little courage to at least wait in line with her friend Emmie.  But, she changed her mind once she got a little closer.  

Oliver probably would have done it.  But, he just waited patiently in the stroller.  Actually, he probably would have just ran away while occasionally turning back around to wave at me with his "I'm doing something bad but looking really cute" wave.  

She has been wanting to go back to these bubbles for a long time.
She loves to watch this video of her from 2 years ago when she came to the St. Patty's Day Walk and always wants to go back.  They even had the same music this year.  It was skipping pretty bad.  If I remember correctly, it was skipping pretty bad 2 years ago as well.  It might be time to invest in a new one.  Just a thought.

She even posed for me, with no eye contact.  But, she did smile.  

And she showed me the cool gold stones that she found.  

Then Oliver had enough of the stroller and did decide to run away from me.  And he did look pretty cute doing it.  

Then we stayed and had a picnic lunch before we headed home.  It was a beautiful morning and I am excited for the beautiful weather to decide to come back for good.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


My brother came up a few weekends ago and we blew up an air mattress for him to sleep on.   The kids thought the air pump was really fun to play with.