Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, we headed to Butler's Orchard with some friends from church...

The Holmes', Lauren, Jillian, Brad and Faith. Before we actually went to the orchard, they came over for a pancake breakfast, yum!

We had a great time. Madeline was a little cranky because of teething. So, she mostly stayed in Andrew's arms the whole time. But, when she got down, she had a great time with Jillian.

Madeline liked the pumpkins. We got her a smaller one that she likes to carry around the house and drop. I'm surpised it hasn't busted yet.

We took the liberty of taking some photos on the random tractor. We did find the keys in the ignition, but decided that we probably shouldn't take the liberty to drive it around.

After we left the pumpkin patch, we went down to the little store on the farm.

The girls had fun throwing the leaves.

Faith decided to wake up and play a little bit too since she slept through the pumpkin patch.

We had a great time! This time of year is wonderful. It is definitely my favorite season. It is just so beautiful. I'm glad that we had some friends to share the day with :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Look

This is Madeline's new look that she gives people. She will do it when she gets hurt as if we were the one's that hurt her. She might do it for no reason, like maybe she is thinking very hard about something. She has been squinting her eyes at strangers too. It isn't a very friendly face. But, it makes me laugh. It is so serious.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon Walk

Last Sunday we took a walk around our neighborhood. Of course, Madeline doesn't really stay in her stroller much anymore. She would much rather walk and explore on her own.

Our first stop was the gazebo. No we don't start singing "I am sixteen going on seventeen..." anytime we go in the gazebo.

We have a beautiful lake right behind our condo. It is getting especially beautiful now that the leaves are beginning to change. Too bad someone stole our canoe so we can't take Madeline out in it. If you need to read the story of our canoe, click here. (Except the real ending is that someone stole it for good this time.)

Instead of riding in her stroller, Madeline would much rather push it.

We had to stop and smell the flowers...

...and inspect them. Madeline sure has been practicing to be a flower girl lately. She loves to pull off all the petals. So, if you are in need of one, just let us know.

We really do live in a beautiful area.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And then there were two...

Two Piggies are even better than one!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nana and Papa Paul's House

Last Friday, we spent the night at Andrew's parent's house. We were down in the area for a late dinner and thought it would be nice to have a slumber party at their house. Madeline had a great time.

She LOVED the grass. She liked to crawl through it, play in it and lay on it. It was wonderful!

The back of their house is wooded and it leads down to a little creek. Madeline always loves to go down there. She points and points to the trees. She loves being outside.

She even did a little rock climbing while we were there.
We had a wonderful day with Nana and Papa Paul!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At The Park Again...

...this time Nana, Papa Paul and Daddy came too!

Nana took Madeline all over the park. It was so much fun!

Madeline loves the mulch. I think we just need a box of mulch on the balcony and she would probably be happy.

This time, Madeline got to do the seesaw. It was a little hard to do it last time with just me.

Thanks for hanging out with us on Saturday! Madeline sure does love her grandparents!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Brave Little Girl

At Madeline's last doctor's appointment we were given paperwork to go get some routine bloodwork done for her. (At 9 months, their blood is tested for lead and something else, I can't remember what.) I put the paperwork on the fridge and then forgot about it until last Friday. So, I took Madeline to our local LabCorp to get her blood drawn.

She had a great time in the waiting room. She walked around to all the people and showed them her lion. And then she spent the rest of the time running away from me, down the ramp and out the door. :)

They finally called us back. I asked them if this was going to be a heal prick, like all the other bloodwork they had done since she was born. The nurse said, no, they were going to draw it from her arm. Yikes! She just seems so little. So, I had to hold her on my lap with her left arm pinned down and her right arm held out. They put the rubber thingy around her arm to make the vein pop out. Then I watched as they inserted the needle into Madeline's arm... It was silent. I was waiting for that heart wrenching cry that comes after a long silence since I couldn't see her face. But, it never came. Madeline just simply watched them as they took 2 viles of blood. She didn't fuss, wimper or cry. What a brave girl.

Here she is with the bandage around her arm. It was basically falling off by the time we got home. So, what I was expecting to be a very traumatic experience, ended up being nothing at all. Maybe she will be a nurse or a doctor one day since she doesn't seem to mind needles. I told the nurse we will have to get her again next time since she must have done it so nicely.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Simmons Family Reunion

Last weekend, Andrew and I headed to Roanoke for my family's annual reunion on my dad's side. We had a ton of food and a great time hanging out with family that we don't see very often. (My grandmother, MeeMaw, is in the lime green shirt.)

Madeline had a great time playing with her cousins Abby and Will.

and also James.

James has a new little sister, Caiden.

Some more of my cousins, Olivia and Jonathan.

My grandfather, C.O. with Jonathan and James.

We walked down to a little pond.

And Madeline got to watch the ducks and geese with her daddy.

She got to play with Granny B...
and Pawpaw too!
Madeline had a great time playing outside and with all her cousins. We were a little worried that it was going to get rained out or at least be very muddy. But, it was a great day!