Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...

...from our family to yours!

Andrew's parents have been amazing hosts.

We enjoyed a busy Christmas morning with the other Glenns. Although, they were up much earlier than we were. We are still enjoying late Christmas mornings before our kids are old enough to want to wake up so early.

Madeline got lots of fun toys and had so many cousins that entertained her so well.

Oliver and I enjoyed all the present-opening commotion snuggled up together.

A failed attempt at a Christmas-morning- jammie picture.

We said our goodbyes to the other Glenns as they headed on their way farther up north to visit more family.

And then we enjoyed some time sledding outside. We raced Nana down the hill. (I think Nana won.)

Oliver is in this picture too. Andrew is actually wearing him in the sling to keep him warm and snuggly.

Then we enjoyed a nice lunch with more family. Madeline had a fun friend to jump off the couch with.

Bea is Daniel's (Andrew's brother) wife's niece.

Andrew enjoyed a little pool and chess with Mike (Daniel's brother-in-law).

The whole Glenn family, home for Christmas :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

We are spending Christmas with Andrew's family this year. Andrew's uncle, aunt and cousins joined us from Florida as well. So, there are 14 of us here this Christmas Eve. As you can see we've been enjoying this white Christmas. (Except for the part when Andrew sliced his finger open while helping to make this igloo. It was bloody. But, he is ok now. And we didn't have to make any trips to the emergency room. So, all is well that ends well.)

Madeline has enjoyed a lot of time out in the snow today. She got to go sledding on a real sled for the first time.

Oliver is enjoying his first Christmas by mostly sleeping. But, he is enjoying a little awake time.

He sure does love his daddy!

We had a scrumptious dinner that Andrew's mom prepared.

And then the rest of the evening was filled with smiles...

...conversation among brothers...

...dessert eating...

...bridge building...

...Halo playing...

...cousin snuggling...

...and a little hide...

...and seek playing.

I had to get in this post somehow. So here is my self portrait. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow! Snow! Snow!

We woke up to a ton of snow this morning and it is still going strong! We are predicted to get 14-22 inches by Sunday morning. Whoa! So, Madeline and Andrew headed out this morning to go play in it before it was so deep that we might actually lose Madeline in it :)

Madeline loved it! But, it was hard to get her to look up because the snow fell in her face and she didn't like that. You can see that it is already up to her knees and there are still 19 more hours of snow fall to go.

Daddy showing Madeline that you can eat the snow.

Madeline giving it a go.

Snow angels! Madeline definitely not as excited about it as Andrew.

And Oliver and I have been enjoying the snow from the warmth and comfort of our home and Bumbo chair.

I think we are going to be stranded for a while. It's nice to be stranded with the people you love the most :)

Little Mommy

Madeline has always liked her babies and stuffed animals. But, she has been a really good mommy lately. She took her baby on a walk with us the other day. She was worried about the wheels being dirty. So, she rolled them through the puddles to clean them off.

She reads books to them.

And she even carries them around in a make-shift sling that I made her since she sees me carrying Oliver in a sling.

She is very concerned about her babies' feelings. If they are sad or crying, then she will pick them up and cuddle them, pat their back and make sure they are ok. She sure is a sweet mommy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Early Christmas... me. Well, technically to Andrew as well. Andrew came home from work on Wednesday night with a new MacBook Pro! Um... so exciting!!! We knew that we were getting a new computer from Christmas. But, I thought we had decided to not get the mac. So, I was pretty excited when Andrew showed up with this beauty. And Madeline was just as excited about her Skittles that Daddy brought her. Thanks for being so wonderful honey!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread House

Madeline and I made a gingerbread house together the other day. We didn't use gingerbread though. We used graham crackers. We had a few issues with the roof staying up. But, it was still fun to make.

Madeline did a good job putting on the icing...

I mean, licking the icing with just one finger...

I mean, just using one hand...

who are we kidding. This one was her's :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Month Old

Oliver is a month old today. I know I said this with each passing month with Madeline, but truly, where does the time go? It just seems not so long ago that I was largely pregnant and waiting (for what seemed like forever) for him to get here. We are enjoying our time with him so much. It is certainly different than with Madeline. He gets laid down a lot more. But, the adjustment to 2 kids hasn't seemed as overwhelming as I thought it might. In fact, it is going very smoothly. We will see how it goes once he is moving around and stealing someone's toys. :)

Oliver has already learned that he has to raise his hand and wait his turn around here :)

He is very content. After he eats, he will usually lay on his back and hang out for 15-30 minutes. Other times he happily sits up in my lap and takes in all the action going on in our house. He started smiling really big at about 3 weeks old. His eyes get so squinty. :) Of course, I don't have a picture of it. It is hard to capture. He is starting to track things with his eyes now. He will follow our hands moving in front of his face.

He is happy to sleep in his bed and won't usually fuss to sleep when placed on his belly. He has a harder time falling asleep on his back, even in the swing, someone's arms and especially the car seat. Sometimes it takes a little fussing to get that accomplished. We tried swaddling him since Madeline loved to be swaddled. But, it just made him mad. His sleeping schedule seemed pretty predictable up until the past two nights. He was going to sleep around 10:30, eating at 1:30 and 4:30 and then up at 7:30. Thankfully, he seems to be stretching his sleep out a little longer. He will now go to sleep around 9, eat at 3 and then up at 7. It works out pretty well, because now I can feed him and get ready for the day before Madeline gets up at 8:30 or so. Or sometimes I go back to sleep until Madeline wakes me up. :)

Oliver has had quite a busy first month. He has met many people like his great grandma, MeeMaw...

...and great grandpa, C.O...

...little cousin, Ella, who was born 5 days before him...

... and Aunt Katherine and Uncle Daniel (or Uncle Dingo as Madeline calls him).

He is having to fight for grandparent attention since Madeline is still "demanding" their full attention.

Speaking of Madeline, she is being such a sweet big sister. She asks to hold him, especially right before bedtime (she is pretty good at procrastinating bedtime). We have to be right there with her though because as soon as she is done, she just takes her hands away and says, "all done".
She loves to climb up the side of his bed to look at him. She will say, "I be quiet" (very loudly) so that she doesn't wake him up. But, she likes to look at him and give him his toys.

She likes to turn on his glow sea horse for him.
She doesn't seem to be too jealous of him. If I am holding Oliver when she wants to be held, she will say, "I want YOU! Give Oliver away". But, she can wait patiently for him to finish eating. She wants him to play toys with her. But, he is obviously too little right now.
Oliver is such a blessing. It seems like he has been a part of our family forever. We are excited about the Christmas season with him. He is a precious gift for sure.