Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well.... since my name has been part of this blog for over a year now I (Andrew) figured it is about time to actually write a blog. So get excited, this is my first blog.

Ben, Tyler and I went camping at Point of Rocks, MD the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun. The Triumvirate (as we like to call ourselves) met the magical summer of 2001 in Hampton Beach, NH. We all did a Campus Crusade for Christ summer project. Ben and I ended up working together at Water Country along with Naomi. So, not only did the summer project help get me a wife, it also helped me make some great friends that I have been able to stay in touch with.

The original plan (according to Tyler) was to drive up to Point of Rocks, MD Friday night at around 10:00pm (the time Ben arrived from Pittsburg) and find this "campsite." Thankfully he agreed to spend the night at our place and then we set off Saturday morning after a good nights sleep and some Chick-fil-a breakfast (Tyler's first experience of this wonderful meal).

We pulled off the road and came to a spot on the Potomac.

After some hiking up the mountain/hill/pile-o-rocks we finally found our "campsite."
Thankfully our fearless leader and guide Tyler remembered to bring the tent, food, and fire.

We made a nice fire and ate some hotdogs, cheese, played around on the rocks, and watched the sunset.

After all of our eating, giggling, and playing with the fire we settled down and had a good nights sleep (and by good nights sleep I mean waking up every 30 min. when either a train passed underneath us in the scary tunnel, or you realized that you couldn't feel your feet anymore because it was so cold)

We had some breakfast and then headed back home. It was a great weekend.
Stay tuned for our next Triumvirate adventure... Curling in Pittsburg (sometime in February).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baby Shower

Last weekend, I had another baby shower up here in Maryland. It was given by the precious ladies from my Bible Study/Care Group. A few of my coworkers came as well. It was a sweet time of fellowship, prayer and looking at cute girly outfits :) Thanks, Cheryl, for opening up your beautiful home.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Andrew and I didn't really celebrate Halloween this year. We don't get any trick-or-treaters at our house so we didn't even buy any candy. Well, that isn't true. Last year, our 16-ish year old neighbor from downstairs came by twice. There was one knock on the door this year, so I just pretended like no one was home. (Maybe that is why we don't get any trick-or treaters.)

But, we did have a big Halloween party at school. All the first grade teachers dressed up like M&M's. I was a peanut M&M and our baby was the peanut. I think we looked pretty cute.

I would love to put up more pictures of my students. But, I don't think I am supposed to . I don't want to get sued or anything. But, I did have to put up this picture for Jenny and Chris.

Chaaarrrrlie! You want to go to Candy Mountain?