Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucy's First Day

We've been chillin' out in our room all day.  

We did get a few happy visitors though.  Madeline got to hold Lucy all by herself.

We got a few pictures of Oliver close to Lucy.

And he likes the "dady's" bed.

That cup of ice may or may not have ended up on Lucy.

So she got some new clothes.  Gigi made her a special hat.

 I'd say Lucy had a good day.  Oh, and I guess I should document that she was in her first earthquake as well.  A 5.9 earthquake.  Pretty crazy.  Welcome to the world Lucy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lucy Kate Glenn

She's here!!!! Lucy was born August 22, 2011 at 6:42pm at Shady Grove Hospital.  She's 8lb 7oz and 19.5 inches long.  She and Naomi are doing great!  We are so thankful for her safe arrival.

She arrived just before our nurse, Sada's, shift was over.  

Madeline is in love with her new baby.  She wants to hold her (by herself) a lot.

Oliver just wants to push the buttons on the bed.  

Water Play

Well, I am in the hospital getting some pitocin so we can meet this baby girl.  Things aren't really painful yet, so I have been editing pictures.  These are from last week.  We have been really enjoying our back deck and yard.  There's plenty of room to run around, get wet and have fun.  

He wants to touch the buttons on my camera really badly.  He's a button kind of man.

A belly shot from above around 38 weeks.  (And no, it isn't twins :))
 Hopefully our next post will be an announcement.  But, we will see how long this labor goes.  I might get a chance to edit a bunch more pictures from this summer. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

 We had a long list of things to do this summer to help Madeline figure out when the baby was coming; Nathaniel's wedding, the beach, moving, Michigan and then the fair.  Well, we made it to the fair on Wednesday night.  The kids and I went a little early to get the cheaper ride passes and then Andrew met us there after work.  So, the kids enjoyed dinner in the stroller while we walked around looking at all the animals.  We saw some sheep, pigs and rabbits and then Madeline said she had seen enough animals.  We could see the cows and chickens from the path and she said that was good enough.  She just wanted to ride the rides.  

We were super excited to see Daddy and he got to ride all the rides with the kids.

We got rained on a little.  But, it was mostly a great evening.

Oliver couldn't ride some of the rides because he wasn't tall enough.  It made him super sad until we played, "Madeline? Where are you?" (he actually calls her "Nah Nah") and every time she would ride by, he would laugh hysterically.  

He did get to ride the carousel

It's always a favorite.  

Ice cream helped to make waiting in the lines a little easier.

Madeline was sweet to find rides that Oliver could do to.  He was so excited to drive the cars.  

Madeline jumped on this slide and started heading down before Daddy and Oliver even had a chance to sit down.  This was one of her favorite things.  

I don't know what you really call this.  It was some kind of mazy-playhouse that ended with a slide.  Another favorite. 

Madeline wanted to do the Ferris wheel all night.  I am not big on heights.  So, Andrew took the kids up 

  and I stayed on the ground getting lots of comments about how I must be having a boy or twins.  Neither of which are true. (unless we are in for some surprises on Monday) Good times.
 So, now that everything is checked off our list, we are just waiting on baby girl to make her appearance on Monday.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Things

Well I finally picked up my camera after about a month.  I'm not sure what my problem was.  I think I have been in a fog for the past month or so.  Just kind of surviving the end of this pregnancy.  I've been getting a little energy back.  Probably just because I know there are only 5 days left until we meet this little girl.  But, Madeline and Oliver have certainly had lots of energy.  And they have been super excited about all the baby gear that is coming back into our house.  They love playing in the swing, the johnny jump up, the bouncy seats and the exersaucer.  Madeline has been helping to get the baby's room ready.  She helped put the sheet and bumper in the crib.  And we just put the mobile up.  They both thought it was fun to play with that as well.  

Madeline can hardly wait until she gets to hold her baby sister.  She's been waiting a long time.  But, she says that her job is to hold the baby.  So, everyone else might have to fight for a turn.  Oliver will actually give the baby kisses before he goes to bed.  I'm sure he has no clue what he is doing.  We'll see how he adjusts to this new little baby in his life.  But, we are all excited to meet her on Monday!