Friday, January 29, 2010

Daddy Time

I walked into Madeline's room the other night. And this is what I found. All 3 of them watching Caillou together. Caillou is definitely Madeline's favorite show right now. And we can watch it on YouTube on our IPods. I guess Oliver enjoys it as well :)

Madeline decided to leave the snuggle fest. (She wanted to come stand on the chair that I was standing on.) So, Daddy and Oliver enjoyed a little more time together.

Daddy sure does love his little man.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our New Ride

Back in October, our trusty Mercury Mountaineer started encountering some problems. Long story, short, we started looking for a new car. It took about 2 weeks of searching on the internet. But, we finally found exactly what we wanted for a great price. We had to drive 2 hours, across the bay, to get it. So, On Halloween 2009, we got our first minivan (with a LOT of help from Andrew's parents!).

I have wanted a minivan for a long time. And I am not ashamed to say it. For those of you who are scared of the minivan, this thing is awesome! We decided to get a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. It was used. But, it only had 3000 miles on it. So, it was basically brand new.

There are a ton of options on it. Some we definitely wanted (power doors, dvd player, stow-n-go seats). Some we didn't really think about (power stowing rear seats, hard drive music system). And some that we can't live without now (like heated seats and remote start).

There are 2 DVD players. And you can even hook up your Wii or X-Box and play games while going down the road. Although, we have never tried it.

There is plenty of room for at least 5 kiddos. So, I don't know if we can have more than that, because I don't want to give up my minivan.

Madeline loves to play in it. Yesterday while I was feeding Oliver in the passenger seat, she buckled (which I didn't know she could do) her monkey into Oliver's car seat and then "drove" us to Target. The day before (while we were playing in the puddles), she said, "I have to go to work," as she walked to the car. Then she felt her pockets and said, "uh oh, I lost my keys." She looked all over the ground for them and kept hitting her pockets. Then she walked over to the trunk and hollered back to me, "I found them. They were in my pockets!" And off she went pretending about going to work.

She also knows how to open and close the doors with the button now.
Automatic Doors

We love our new car and plan on having it for a long long long long time. Thank you Paul and Marg for helping us with it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Puddle Jumper

We had snow falling just a couple of minutes ago. But, yesterday afternoon was sunny and almost 60 degrees. Throw in all the rain we had in the morning and you've got a recipe for some outdoor fun!

Sometimes, fun things get ruined when accidents happen. (Although, I'm not sure if this was an accident or not. It kind of looks like she purposefully fell in the puddle... hmmmm.) Accident or not, Madeline was not happy that her tights were wet and dirty. But, we fixed that by stripping her down outside to remove the wet tights. Then we put back on her skirt and boots and she was happy to play again.
Accidents Happen

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exersaucer Fun


A little more of Oliver in the exersaucer. I love the last one. It's like he's getting ready to be attacked by something we can't see. Not that that would be funny. But, his expression is funny.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Banana Bread

Madeline likes to help me cook and bake in the kitchen. Usually she likes to pull over her "big ladder" (step stool) and help out. But, sometimes she likes to sit right up on the counter with me. (Well, I don't sit on the counter).

This day we were making banana bread. Yum!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We went down to hang out with our cousins last week. Ella and Oliver (born 5 days apart) are growing up so fast.

Little Ella all smiles!

Big sisters, Abby and Madeline had a great time hanging out. They played kitchen, dress up, horsey, trains, swimming pool and lots of other things. Will was taking a nap during picture time. But, we had fun hanging out with him too.
Madeline is excited to play with her cousins again soon! (and I'm pretty sure Oliver is too :))

Monday, January 18, 2010


Oliver went to the doctor last Wednesday. He weighs 12lb 1oz (60%), is 24 1/4in long (90%) and his head is 40cm around(50%). He had to get 2 shots and one oral vaccine. Up until the shots, he cooed, smiled at and chatted with the nurse and doctor. And he loves the crinkly paper on the table. His little legs just start going and going when he is laying on it. According to the doctor, he is perfectly healthy and looks great.


Oliver is really enjoying his new exersaucer. We have to prop him up in it with a blanket around him. But, he is enjoying his "uprightness". So many new things to see. And yes, he is already wearing bibs. The waterworks have started.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Oliver is enjoying his new aquarium by his changing table, just like Madeline used to.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Clean...

... after bathtime last night.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 Months Old

Oliver is 2 months old today! I think all his "newbornness" is pretty much gone (sniff sniff) and his little personality has started coming out (yea!) over the past few weeks.

He is a very happy boy with lots of smiles to give. Especially when he has a full belly.

He is really enjoying his toys with faces, like Mr. Octopus and Mr. Giraffe on his little gym. They really make him smile and talk. He is very happy playing on his little gym. After he eats, I usually lay him on it and he will stay there for close to an hour, just happily batting at and talking to the hanging toys. He can grab onto some of them a little bit as well.

Oliver is sleeping great at night. He usually goes down between 10-11pm and then sleeps for a 6-8 hour stretch. Then he lays back down until around 8-9am. So, I am only getting up once with him at night. And I feel like I am still getting to sleep in. He usually just takes little cat naps during the day. He will sleep for about 30-45 minutes at a time. Maybe a little longer if I pick him up when he is starting to wake up and snuggle him a little longer. But, hey, if he is sleeping good at night, I don't really care what he is doing during the day. He just kind of goes with the flow.

We don't go to the doctor for his 2 month check up until next Wednesday. But, at Madeline's last appointment on Dec. 23rd, we put him on the scale and he weighed 12 lbs 1 oz. So, he is eating well and growing. Happy 2 month birthday, Oliver! We sure do love you lots! You bring so much joy to our family.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let the Little Children Come

12 Kids, 3 and Under

We always spend New Year's Eve with our friends from college. This year there were 16 adults and 12 kids (ages 3 and under) and two more on the way (that we know of :). Three years ago, there was only 1 child. We are soon going to be out numbered and looking for a conference center to gather at. Needless to say, it was lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Second Christmas Morning

After our party with the Simmons' clan, we had our own Christmas morning on Sunday morning. Madeline got what everyone wants, a big box 'o money!

She also got a cool doctor set. She likes it when Andrew gives her "happy shots". It makes her happy when she is sad. She also makes sure to give you a p-pop (lollipop) after she gives you a shot.

This is what Nathaniel does with a doctor set.

Mickey and Minnie made it to our Christmas this year. Madeline really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We might need to start thinking about a trip to Disney world.

Pawpaw enjoyed his grandbabies.

And Oliver enjoyed some time in Gigi's arms.

Madeline also loves Dora. So, she also got Dora and Boots to play with.

Dad enjoying his reciprocating saw and Maple Nut Goodies.

Madeline and Oliver each got some adorable luggage. Madeline's is a ladybug as you can see. And Oliver's is a penguin.

Oliver's big toy was an exersaucer. He loves it even though he has to be propped up with a blanket. It also turns into a play mat (which he enjoys right now) and a play table. Pretty cool.

My grandparents came over for dinner and, of course, enjoyed some Oliver time.

Pawpaw kept a fire going the whole time we were in. Madeline loved it and tries to sit in front of our gas fireplace. But, ours gives off absolutely no heat at all, to her disappointment.

Thanks for such a relaxing, generous, enjoyable and warm Christmas, mom and dad. You were incredible hosts!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with the Simmons'

We had our annual family gathering with my dad's side of the family the day after Christmas. So, we packed up the car and headed down to Roanoke, to Mee Maw and C.O.'s house (which happens to be next door to my parents' house).

Oliver enjoyed his time in Pawpaw's arms. (And lots of other arms as well)

We had a White Elephant gift exchange. Nathaniel opened a knife set (which dad ended up with). And he ended up with lottery tickets (which he stole from ME)!

After the adults did the gift exchange, all the little kids got to open lots of presents.

The rest of the time was spent eating food and enjoying one another.

The Best of Friends

Most of the grandkids and great grandkids.

Ella and Oliver were born 5 days apart. I think they enjoyed each other's company despite the fact that they slept through most of the night.