Saturday, September 24, 2011

Balance Bike

Madeline got a balance bike last year for Christmas.  But, she has really gotten good at it this summer after we moved and she can ride it a lot more.  We started making her wear her helmet now because she gets going really fast on our street.  We weren't really sure if the whole balance bike thing was worth it. But, it has been great.  And as soon as she gets a real bike, we will be passing this one on to Oliver.  Here are some videos from our walk/ride after dinner tonight.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Madeline's First Day of School

Madeline started a Mother's Day Out program today.  She goes every Tuesday.  If I had told her a year ago that she was going to school, she would have been in tears.  But, she has been beside herself with excitement for a long time now.  We got her backpack last week (which is too big and definitely not what I would have picked out.  But, she loves it).  We also got her lunch box last week and she has been asking if she could pack her lunch every day since we got it.  She didn't even get to eat lunch there today since it was a shortened first day.  So, she got to put a bag of fruit snacks in it and she carried it anyways.  

Last night, she wanted to get dressed for school before she went to sleep and she wanted to go to school in the middle of the night.  I told her that it would be dark there and the teachers would be at home sleeping.  She said, "No they won't. (Like I was being really silly) They sleep at school."  

She woke up super early and got dressed all by herself.  She's such a big girl that wants to do everything by herself now.  

Her big smile basically didn't leave her face all morning.  

And she got super cool Dora light up shoes for school.  She definitely knew she wanted light up shoes this fall.  

 She goes to school with 2 of her friends.  Faith and her family arrived shortly after we did.  

And Emmie arrived next.  

Andrew met us at school to see his little girl go off to school for the first day.  

Faith's daddy came too.  It was quite the family affair this morning.  (At least for our 2 families :)
Oliver  cried and cried when we left Madeline this morning.  I'm not sure if it was because he was leaving Madeline or just the fun room with the cars in it.  But, he did keep putting his hand on Madeline's carseat and saying, "Where Nah Nah (his name for Madeline)?"  He was happy to have her back this afternoon.  And Madeline had a great first day of school and is ready to go back tomorrow.  Too bad she has to wait until next Tuesday.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Lucy is 3 weeks old today.  She went to the doctor last Wednesday for her 2 week check up.  She was up to 9 lbs 2 oz (80%) and 21 inches long (80%).  She is eating great and sleeping pretty good as well.  She will usually give me a good 5 hour stretch in the night.  The rest of the day, she eats every 2-3 hours.  

She doesn't quite know what to do with herself when she is awake.  She doesn't like her bouncy seats, swing, bed, changing table or "gym mat thingy".  She just wants to be held.  And now she wants you to walk around with her.  You can't just sit still.  I guess she is getting a little spoiled and unwilling to be forgotten as the third child.  

She sleeps like a little froggy all curled up on her belly.  We tried to swaddle her and lay her on her back.  But, she would wake up 2 seconds after we laid her down.  So, we gave the belly a try and she sleeps much better.  She is also starting to get attached to her paci already.  

Oliver likes to check on "WOO-see" and say "WOO-see KIE-ing (crying)" or "WOO-see SEEping  shhhhhh"

Lucy joined us for storytime one night.  It didn't last very long, because, remember... she doesn't like to be laid down.

Last weekend, we headed to Roanoke for a family reunion.  So, Lucy got to meet some more family.  My MeeMaw and CO.

My new sister-in-law, Kanon and my brother.  

And my Popeye and Aunt Phyllis.  She also got to meet a whole bunch more family at the reunion.  But, we didn't take any pictures.  

Lucy spent her first week in our bed, her second week in the pack-in-play next to us and now she has been booted out to her own room.  I think she likes it though.  

And Madeline likes to get in the picture with Lucy anytime she can.  And in case you were wondering who Lucy looks like, she looks exactly like Madeline did as a baby.  I will have to post some comparison pictures soon.  Anyways, happy 3 week birthday, Lucy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rainbows and Beauty Shops

We didn't go to church this morning because our church had a retreat this weekend and we decided not to go. So, I took advantage of our extra morning this weekend and made some rainbow pancakes for breakfast.  Our rainbow got reverted to the ROY G BP version since I don't know how to make indigo and violet with food coloring.  I saw the idea on a blog last night and thought it was super fun.  I always see all these fun ideas on peoples' blogs and tuck them away for another day.  I usually never get back to them and just wish I was a super cool mom like all these other moms.  But, rainbow pancakes are super easy.  So, I just went for it this morning.  Madeline ate every single one of them.    

Then, Madeline let me play real beauty shop with her.  Not just the pretend kind, with the fake curling iron and fake hair dryer that blows, but barely enough to blow out a candle.  I brought out the big guns.  My giant purple can of grape flavored Aussie hairspray that I have probably had for about 10 years and the real curling iron.  Madeline wanted hair like a princess.  So, I found an idea on another blog (of another super cool mom that does super cool things for her kids) and she happily sat still while I fixed her hair.  It has 3 pony tails and lots of curls and hairspray.  

For just a little while this morning I felt like a fun mom who does cool things with her kids.  And for the rest of the day, Madeline smelled like a grape flavored scratch n' sniff sticker.  Good times.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Together at Home

We were happy to get our little Lucy home with the rest of the family.  And I'm sure Madeline was driving my parents nuts by asking a bajillion times when the new baby was coming home.  I think Madeline had high hopes of being able to carry her new baby around the house.  But, we dashed her dreams by telling her she had to sit down to hold her.  But, she still likes to hole her.  It just doesn't last too long.  You can also see Madeline's new love for hairbows and headbands together.    

 Madeline and I made a birthday cake for Lucy before I went to the hospital.  Unfortunately we ran out of icing and I didn't get a chance to get anymore.  So, poor Lucy got a pretty pathetic birthday cake.  

But, Oliver didn't mind what it looked like.  I have to say that his cake eating abilities have improved since his first birthday.  He just tries to shove it all in.  

Everyone wanted to help with Lucy's first bath.  And she loved soaking down in the little tub.  

Our eat-in-kitchen turned into a photo studio.  Madeline wanted her picture taken so badly.  So, Gigi took some pictures of her as well while Lucy was eating.  If you want to see Lucy's first photoshoot, head on over here.  My mom spent about 6 hours taking pictures of Lucy.  And I love them all.  

This picture cracks me up.  Oliver decided he wanted to hold Lucy.  But, then she started fussing.  Andrew is "shhhh-shing" her.  Madeline is shaking the rattle because she "probably likes it". And Oliver is just looking at me like, "what is happening, Mom"?
So, this was Lucy's first days at home.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Few More from the Hospital

I am quite the slacker blogger lately.  These aren't really new pictures of Lucy.  But, they are some pretty sweet ones that I found on Andrew's camera today.  


I guess we did get one picture of Oliver with Lucy.  He loves her lots now.  He calls her "woo woo" or  "wooo-see".

I love the quiet snuggle times in the hospital.

 All ready to come home.  We were so thankful for an uneventful delivery and recovery this time.  Our stay at Shady Grove was fabulous,  well... you know, fabulous for a hospital.