Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It Ain't Gonna Rain No More

Not only do Kathryn and Madeline like the same clothes, but they both like ducks as well. Although, Madeline is not eating them yet. :) This is for my Aunt Sharon who gave this fun duck to Madeline.

Bath Time!

This is a picture of Madeline's first bath at home. She had to have a sponge bath because she still had her cord. She didn't seem too happy during this first bath. But, we learned that if she was fed, then she didn't really mind her sponge baths.

But, life has gotten better since that first bath! Her cord has mostly healed up, so we decided to put her down in her bath tub. She absolutely loved it! She was so content and happy. She looked like she was lounging at the beach in her hammock. I think she got a little too comfortable because it made her poop in the tub. (But, really, it doesn't take much to make her go to the bathroom these days.) It was fun while it lasted. As soon as her cord it all the way healed, then we are going to go for the big plunge all the way down in the water. I think she is going to really like it. :)

She's getting all dried and lotioned up and then it is time to put her 'jamis on. She smells so good after a bath!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Care Group Christmas Party

It has been a while since we have been able to make it to our care group (bible study). We usually meet on Thursdays, and our past 6 Thursdays have been busy with childbirth classes. So, we were happy that we were able to make it to our Christmas party this past Thursday. It was a fun time of fellowship with other wonderful families from our church.

Of course we had to dress Madeline up in a Christmas outfit. So, here she is sporting her "ho ho ho" shirt and her first pair of jeans. They make her look a little like a grandpa because they are pulled up so high. I think she can grow into them a little bit.

We also put on her red sweater that her NaNa and PaPa Paul got her. It is really cute and snuggly.

You may remember that at last year's party we got a Palm Pilot during the gift exchange. Andrew and I have had a running contest of Solitaire on it. (I have not been able to beat his highest score in a long time. It is very disappointing.) Well, this year, we got a stuffed bowling set that Madeline is going to really enjoy.

Here are all the couples in our group.

Here are the couples with all the kids (except for David, he is hiding behind the couch, but technically he's there.) I think we are going to be outnumbered by the kids very soon.

Madeline did a great job. She slept through most of the commotion and then was very happy for the rest of the evening. She has brought so much joy into our lives in the past 2, very short, weeks. She is such a blessing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Bumbo

Since Madeline has outgrown her newborn clothes we thought that maybe it would be time to let her sit in her Bumbo seat. When she sat up in it she didn't like it very much.

But as soon as her head fell over, she fell into a deep sleep and was very content.

I think she has a little more growing to do before she can really enjoy it though. And just as an added bonus, here's another picture of her loving her daddy. (Just read her shirt in case you are confused about how this picture has anything to do with her daddy.)

Monday, December 10, 2007


My parents just left to go back home yesterday after spending the entire week with us. They arrived at the hospital shortly after I called to tell them that my water had broken. I have to admit that I cried a little and I have a feeling that my mom cried as soon as she walked out the door too. So, I guess that is a good sign that I already miss them after spending an entire week with them. And I don't miss them because of all the work they did. I just miss their company and the way they doted on Madeline all week. But, they were so very helpful. Mom and dad cleaned the house before we got home from the hospital. Mom did laundry all week long and even ironed shirts that we forgot that we owned (because I never iron). She also cooked for us each night and pretty much waited on us all week. It was such a blessing, especially since it was a little difficult to get around this past week. Dad recaulked our bathrooms and kitchen and replaced the recepticles in another bathroom. He also ran to the grocery store numerous times for random things that wee needed. And of course, they played with Madeline all week long. It is a little weird to not have their extra hands around here. Madeline really misses here Granny B and Paw Paw.

Andrews parents arrived at the hospital shortly after we called them as well. They have been up here several times this week as well. Andrew's mom has cooked so many meals for us. She also went to "Let's Dish" to prepare lots of frozen meals for us. Madeline has enjoyed many hours of snuggling in their arms. Thanks PaPa Paul and NaNa!

We are so greatful for our parents and all the support they have given us. We desire for Madeline to grow up being very close with each of her grandparents and getting "spoiled" with all their love and "grandparentness". What a special relationship she is developing with them already.


Madeline has had a lot of visitors this past week. We feel so blessed that so many people have wanted to come and meet her. Many of these people are from our church care group and they brought meals for us. Our refrigertor and freezer are completely full of food now. We are so greatful for all the support.

Katherine and Daniel (Andrew's brother and sister-in-law)

The Lockards (Julie, Jon, Andrew and Ava) (care group)

Our neighbor, Sybil

Cheryl Osterhout (care group)

My brother, Nathaniel. He flew all the way up from Raleigh, NC to meet his new niece!

Mike and Tegan Diercks (care group)

My Aunt Julie, Jon, Abby and Will. These will be Madeline's closest cousins for a while. I think they will have a lot of fun together.

Theresa Mettee (care group)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Baby Sneezes

Andrew has a soft spot for little baby sneezes. (Well really, who doesn't?) He has been trying to get Madeline's little sneezes on camera for a while now. So, that is why he is so excited when he finally captured it. And just as a added bonus, Madeline threw in an adorable yawn for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Snow

Madeline got to see her first snow on Wednesday, her 4th day birthday. She was, of course, very excited about it. She also had her first doctor's appointment and she got to go to the grocery store for the first time. It was a very big day.

We had to bundle her up really well so she wouldn't be cold. Granny B knitted her a fun hat to keep her head nice and warm.

Then, we put her in her "bundle me" and off we went. She was nice and roasty toasty.

She didn't really enjoy the doctor's visit. He made her take off all her clothes on the cold cold day and he poked her belly and checked her all over. But, he said she was doing great. She has already gained 2 oz. since we left the hospital. But, she's not quite back up to her birth weight. She is working on it though.

Since it started snowing. We thought it was appropriate to get out her little Christmas tree and put on her 3 new ornaments. (It makes a great night light so we can check on her in the middle of the night.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We're home

After a couple of days in the hospital we are home and getting adjusted to life with our sweet little Madeline.

I just can't get over how cute and cuddly Madeline is. She is perfect. I think she might have the most adorable feet in the whole world.

Naomi and Madeline are both doing well and recovering nicely. Naomi is doing such a great job being a mom!

While we were at the hospital we had the pleasure of the Lockards (Jon, Julie, Ava, and Andrew) from our bible study visiting us.

We bundled Madeline up in her going home from the hospital outfit, put her in her carseat, drove home in rush hour traffic, and made it home safe and sound.

We are trying to put her down in her crib to sleep, but its so hard when she looks this cute.
Mommy and Madeline sleeping soundly (like they are doing right now).
Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and support and especially to Granny B, Grandpaw, Nana, and Papa Paul.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Madeline Ann Glenn

Madeline entered the world today at 6:50pm (12-1-07). Naomi's water broke this morning at 7:00am and we arrived at Holy Cross at around 10:00am. Naomi did a great job. She was able to get an epideral (highly recommended) at around 11:00am. They sped up her labor with some Pitocin and she was fully dialated at around 5:30. After about 30 minutes of waiting she started pushing and another 30 minutes Madeline was here!

Here are some pictures of us and our sweet little girl.

With the grandparents

With her aunt and uncle