Saturday, February 6, 2010


Or, most people would call them smoothies. Madeline loves them. Which is good since she just recently decided that milk was yucky. I asked her this morning if she wanted one. But, since she was snuggling with me, she wanted daddy to make it. So, this is how the conversation went.
Me-"Madeline, do you want a smoothie?"
Madeline-"I want Daddy to make it."
Me-"Daddy doesn't know how to make it."
Madeline talking to Andrew-"This is how you do it. You need strawberries, honey and peanut butter."

And then she went back to watching her cartoons while she waited for daddy to make it. She was partially correct. We don't actually put peanut butter in our smoothies though. But, definitely use strawberries and honey. And she keeps her ears covered from the time I take the blender out until it is done because it is really loud.

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Becky Swann said...

Oh that picture is great! And smoothies with Peanut butter sound yummy to me!