Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Adventure Club

We are involved with our church's homeschooling co-op.  We call it Adventure Club and we all love it!    We meet on Monday mornings with other Kindergarten through 8th graders.  We all start out together for a morning meeting and then we break up into different classes.  Madeline starts off with the K-4th graders in Chorus class with Mrs. Holmes.  We are working on a Christmas musical to perform at a nursing home in December.  

Then they have P.E. with Mrs. Langelli.  

Eloise goes to the babies class.  And Oliver and Lucy go to the preschool class with Mrs. Meyer.  

After P.E. and a snack break, the Kindergarteners and 1st graders have a Science Fun class.  They learn  a certain science concept and then make a project to explore that concept.  

They end their classes with a Native American Art class with Mrs. Speer.  They have each received a native american name and made a vest in their first class.  

We end our morning with another meeting all together, celebrating birthdays and accomplishments.  It is such a fun morning together.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

F and G

In college, I had these wonderful roommates.  We ended up living in 2 apartments side by side; apartments F and G.  And we always dreamed of knocking a hole between the 2 because that would have made life that much easier.  But, here we are 11 years later and we are still the best of friends.  The kind that doesn't see each other very often.  But, when we do, we all fall right back into place.  

11 years and 14, almost 15, kids later.

I got to spend the best weekend with them in the Outer Banks at the beginning of this month.  We hung out on the beach.  Ate together.  And stayed up until 3am talking together.  And then we didn't have any little ones to wake us up early the next morning.  

It was kind of like college, minus the finals.  

I love these ladies.  It's amazing how different we all are.  But, how Christ can bind us together.  

Here's a little throw back to 2003 when (most of us) were graduating.  We had a friend follow us around campus and take our picture.  (We were funny.)  This makes me want to go back and visit JMU.  Maybe our kids will go there and make awesome friends as well.  

And while I was scanning in pictures, I found these beauts!  Another good thing to come from JMU!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We are now in our 4th week of school.  Madeline has been working hard.  We usually do school in the afternoons when Oliver is at pre-school and Eloise is taking a nap.

  So, what does Lucy do during this time?  Here's a few ways that she keeps busy during school time.  A lot of times, a white board can keep her happy for a long time.  It helps her to ponder life   

and to draw her adorable stick people with their legs coming straight out of their heads.  

She really enjoys playing with her Little People.  And sometimes she gets distracted with her favorite books.  Right now she loves to find the little Beatrix Potter books at the library.  I'm not sure she loves the stories as much as the size of the book.  

Glueing is always a fun activity.  Sometimes she needs to be reminded that the glue was not made purple so that we color with it.  

Pattern block pictures

And the kinetic sand, which always makes Madeline jealous.  

Usually Lucy enjoys hanging out around us, but still in her own little world.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Lucy has always loved dancing.  She loves to throw her hands up in the air and twirl around like a ballerina.  So, when she turned 3, we knew we needed to sign her up for ballet lessons.  

We headed to The Little Gym, where Madeline went several years ago.

I think she may be the youngest dancer in the class.  But, she listens and follows directions so well.  

 She is careful to make her feet turn the right way and to move her legs like her teacher, Ms. Michelle.  

 She pays very special attention.  And then when she gets to the window at the other side of the room, she will give me a quick wave with a huge smile.  So precious.

Last week, Ms. Melissa (who remembers all of our names from when Madeline was at The Little Gym 3 years ago) let Madeline, Oliver and Eloise play in the gym during Lucy's lesson.  It was a special treat.

Lucy finished her dance class with a little ballet and then some time in the gym as well.  I think Eloise may have to join her in a few years.  She can't help but dance when she hears any music.