Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Day in Disney World

After a morning with the Characters, we rode a few more rides.  We checked out the Tiki Room and Madeline rode Big Thunder Mountain again.  Oliver was about an inch too short.  So, Nana and Papa took him and Lucy over to Tom Sawyer Island on the raft.  

We road the train all the way over to Fantasyland and Oliver got to ride his first roller coaster, The Barnstormer.  Then we got to ride Dumbo again.

 We had lunch in the castle and got to meet lots of princesses.  Cinderella greeted us while they got our table ready.  And then we got to walk up the spiral staircase up to our room. 

Madeline loved the picture on the menu.  We felt a bit like we were in Downton Abbey.  Our server kept calling us Lady and Lord. 

And Madeline got a wand and Oliver got a sword.  But, he wanted to trade in his sword for a wand.    

Then the princesses started coming in.  First we got to meet Ariel.  

Madeline showing off her Tinkebell shirt some more.  

For dessert, Madeline chose a cupcake and Oliver chose ice cream.  And they both got to decorate them however they wanted.  

Jasmine stopped by our table.  

And Aurora 

And then Snow White joined us. 

She left Oliver with a little souvenir.  

After our fabulous lunch we headed into Tomorrowland.  

We rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and the Astro Orbiter.

Then we tried to meet Rapunzle.  But, instead, we got to meet Cinderella, Aurora and Jasmine again.  

We made it back outside in time to see a beautiful sunset.  Madeline, Andrew and Papa took the train over to Thunder Mountain for one last ride before dinner and fireworks.  

We watched the fireworks from behind the castle this night.  It was much less crowded and they were still really beautiful.  And everyone managed to stay awake to see them all.  We had a fabulous time on our first trip to Disney World.    It was hard to leave the land where Dreams Come True and come back to cold Maryland.  It was the perfect escape in the middle of winter.  Thank you Nana and Papa.