Friday, February 12, 2010


We ventured to Target Tuesday morning before the second snow storm came. Andrew found some Play-do and thought it would be a fun activity for Madeline while we were snowed in. He was right! It has been fun for the whole family.

Madeline has asked for her "pludo" many times already. She really wants to eat it. She has also gotten a lot of scissor practice since she discovered she could cut it with her scissors from her doctor set. She also likes to step on it with her feet.

Andrew has shown his talent with play-do as he is able to juggle it and make cinnamon buns, snakes, butterflies and below you will see his doggy with a ball and pacifier.

I can make snowmen, which can be very difficult when someone keeps stealing your head and buttons.


Beth Simmons said...

Very impressive play dough art!

Tabitha said...

Jude was very impressed by this post. His comments were "Wow (whispered) play!" (how he says play dough) and again "Wow" and then naming the colors of the playdough. So fun ya'll! :)