Monday, April 18, 2016

Penelope Jane Glenn

 Penelope Jane was born on March 17th at 8:20pm.  She was 8lb 5oz and 18 inches long. 
 I called the hospital at 6am to make sure they had room for me to come in for an induction.  They told me that they were full and to call back at 7am.  I was a bit panicky since the same thing happened with Eloise and I had to wait all the way through the weekend to be induced with her.  (Even though it was 1 week before my due date, it is hard to get a date set in your mind and then be told that you aren't going to meet your baby that day after all.  And that you have to be pregnant a second longer!)  But, I called back at 7 and they actually had room for us. 
 On the way to the hospital, the doctor's office called and wondered where I was.  They said the hospital hadn't heard from me.  So, then I started getting worried again that they really wouldn't have room for me when I got there and they were going to send me home.  I told them I was on the way and I had called twice already that morning.  We finally arrived at the hospital and thankfully, they were all ready for us.
 I finally got a round of antibiotics right before 11 (to avoid the Group B Strep issues we had with Oliver) and then started the pitocin.  I was hoping to have a baby by 4.  But, things seemed to go rather slowly.  I got an epidural around 3, which broke my water and another dose of antibiotics.
Andrew and I spent our time watching Fixer Upper, sleeping and reading Harry Potter.  Well, I read Harry Potter.  He played Age of Empires.  
 My epidural stopped working on one side around 6.  I felt for sure she would be born soon since that is what has happened with all the others.  But, she just didn't seem to be moving down at all.  After about an hour, my doctor called the anesthesiologist back in and he adjusted something in my back and all was well again.  I wish I had known that they could just adjust the "thing" in your back and make the epidural work correctly with all my others.  
 7 o'clock came and went without a baby.  My nurse, who had been taking care of me all day had to leave and a new nurse came on.  I had felt sure that we would have met Penelope way before this.  I'm guessing my water had not broken all the way which prevented the contractions from being very effective.  Just my theory.  About another hour of laboring and all of a sudden I knew she was coming.  I had one more contraction and she was born, just like that.  
All the kids and grandparents came to visit her that first night.  It was so very late for the kids.  But, they had been waiting all day to meet her.  We were only supposed to have 2 visitors at a time.  But, we ended up with 8.  I think the nurse was a little worried.  But, at least we know Penelope is well loved. 
I am loving having a newborn again.  There is definitely a lack of sleep.  But, I know it doesn't last forever.  And she gives me a good excuse to just slow down.  There's nothing like snuggling with a newborn on your chest.  
  It's fun to see all the big kids loving on her.  Lucy loves being a little mommy and holds her the most.  Eloise loves to put their faces together and talk to her.  Eloise calls her "Nelope".  So consequently, that is what I call her often.  Sometimes I call her Nellie Jane as well.  We'll see if any nicknames stick.  

 So, welcome to the world little Penelope.  We are so glad you are here!

Friday, January 9, 2015

What we ate this week

Breakfast: Jones Maple Sausage
Lunch: Grilled Chicken, broccoli, spaghetti noodles and canned pears
Dinner: Baked potatoes, Annie's Mac n Cheese

Breakfast: Cinnamon toast (Butter and a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, then toasted) and banana swirl
Lunch: grilled cheese (Rudi's bread and mont. jack cheese), some leftover noodles and some chicken salad made from leftover chicken.
Dinner: Beef Stir fry with broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash and mushrooms (I had forgotten how much Madeline loves mushrooms).
Dessert: Jello (Knox gelatin and pineapple juice)


Breakfast: Dannon Yogurt and granola
Lunch: Saltines and watermelon
Dinner: Shrimp and noodles

Breakfast: Sausage
Lunch: Annie's mac and cheese (Madeline picked some bunny shapes and really wanted it for lunch today)
Dinner: Hamburgers (sliders on King's Hawaiian rolls), fries (we tried a new potato slicer and made them on the stove in olive oil.  We usually just slice them up with a knife) and watermelon.

Breakfast: Eggs, cinnamon toast, puffed rice cereal
Lunch: Natural Sea fish sticks (they have new packaging)
Dinner:Spaghetti with nomato sauce (I basically tried this sauce because her pictures were so beautiful), garlic toast, roasted butternut squash (I had some leftover from the sauce) and canned pears
Dessert: Turkey Hill All Natural ice cream and homemade magic shell (although, store bought magic shell is Feingold acceptable)


Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Cheesy tortillas (quesadilla with mont. jack cheese or white cheddar)
Dinner: Pizza (using leftover nomato sauce, mozz cheese and jones sausage) I use the pizza dough from 100 Days of Real Food

Breakfast: Pancakes and Bacon
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Whole Crockpot Chicken (minus paprika and cayanne- salicylates) and mashed potatoes

Snacks: Here are a few things the kids like when wanting something to snack on.
Dole chopped dates
Utz pretzels
Saltine crackers
Annie's cheddar bunnies
Dole canned pineapple juice (they love having little cans to drink out of)

Thursday, January 8, 2015


So, we have started the Feingold diet here at our house.  This diet eliminates all artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and the 3 preservatives TBHQ, BHT and BHA.  At the beginning (stage 1) we are also eliminating fruits and vegetables which contain high amounts of Salicylic Acid or Salicylates because these can trigger extreme reactions in some people as well.  Some people refer to them as "nightshades".  This includes thing like apples, oranges, grapes, berries and tomatoes.  You know... our favorite foods.

Many of you know my story as a child.  Around age 1, I was a completely unmanageable child.  I didn't sleep at all (just 30 minutes at a time), I was constantly sick with asthma and bronchitis, I didn't eat, I just banged my head on the high chair a lot.  I did not deal well with changes from my routine.  My mom says that anytime someone came to visit at our house I would just scream.  And then it would take another 30 minutes to an hour to calm me back down after they left.  I didn't like people.  If they tried to talk to me I would just yell, "no" at them.  My pediatrician told my mom that I would always have special needs and have learning disabilities.  He finally told my mom he had no more ideas to help me.  But, he had heard of this diet and maybe she should just talk to a group of people that were doing it.  So, mom was introduced to the Feingold diet.  3 days after implementing it, I was a different child.  She later put my brother on it as well because his sinuses were so compacted he was having horrible migraines.  The doctor recommended just trying the diet on him as well before they flushed his sinuses.  And in 2 weeks his sinuses were completely drained.  So, all that to say, I know this diet works and not just for ADHD, which it is most commonly known for.

I know that we should not be eating these artificial things.  But without a major reason, it seams so overwhelming to even start.  We already eat fairly healthy.  I know from doing our 30 Days of Real Food a few years back, how to read labels and choose pretty healthy foods.  But, there always seems to be some excuse for allowing junk.  It's their birthday, or they went poopy on the potty, or they had junky prizes at church, or it's Halloween, etc.  What seems to be an occasional treat, turns into a weekly, if not daily thing.  So, when Madeline started showing signs of tics we decided it was time to take the plunge.  Our doctor said that there isn't any diet that will eliminate tics.  So... challenge accepted. We are giving it a try.

We joined the Feingold program right before Christmas so that I could get my head wrapped around some things before sending them back to church and preschool where there were snacks.  I thought I was doing pretty well by choosing most of my food from Trader Joe's that said no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives right on the packaging.  But, the problem is that there are hidden things.  If an ingredient has been previously preserved, it doesn't have to be indicated on the label.  Oils and Vitamin A are very bad about this.  So, many chips that only have 3 ingredients may have hidden preservatives in them because the oil was preserved before the company added it to their product.  Or milk often has Vitamin D or A added to it.  But, you don't know if it was preserved before being added or not.  Many products have preservatives sprayed on the packaging.  Many cheeses, like cheese sticks and sliced cheeses have preservatives in the plastic packaging that is then absorbed by the food and then ingested by you.  So, a lot of people gawk at paying for this program.  But, they have done all of the research for you and tell you which products are safe to eat.  They are a non-profit and it actually takes time and money to find out this information and to print it for you.  Being a member also gives you access to their member facebook pages.  There is a general page and a lunch bunch page.  Everyone is very encouraging and helpful with any questions you have.  They are all just moms (probably dads too) that have changed their families with this diet and are excited to help others do it too.    

So, how is this diet working for us?  I have to say that we are still working on getting on this program 100%.  It took a while to get the foodlist which tells me which products are safe to buy.  (I should have just bought the e-version.)  So, I was just kind of guessing before.  Non of the milk that I was using was acceptable even though it was organic.  And I still haven't gotten rid of our colored and fragranced laundry detergent, dish soap and toiletries.  If you think about it, your skin is your largest organ.  All those chemicals get absorbed right into your body.  But, in doing the best we can (so far), all of Madeline's tics that I talked to the doctor about are gone.  She still has a few OCD tendencies that haven't gone away.  But, we have really been on the diet only 3 weeks.  So, we are going to stick with it and see if we can help those too.

In the rest of the family, we noticed an immediate change in Oliver.  My parents said over Christmas that he seemed much calmer and more emotionally even.  He stopped bed wetting very quickly.  Although he has been having issues the past few nights.  So, we are trying to figure out if there is some food triggering it or maybe he is just drinking way to much at bedtime.  But, after 5 years of rarely ever being dry he went 5 straight nights in a row.  Our house is much more peaceful as well.  Before Madeline's birthday party (Dec 6th), I called my mom freaking out because everyone was arguing, fighting and yelling at each other.  I couldn't get anything done without being interrupted by an argument or tattling every 2 minutes.  We just needed a break from each other.  She ended up taking 2 kids home with her after Madeline's party.  But, now they are happy to make up elaborate games together and are happy to be playing with each other.  They still have arguments occasionally.  But, they seem to resolve much easier.  I have also noticed that Lucy is falling asleep much easier.

So, I definitely think this diet is a success and we will continue it indefinitely.  After about 6-8 weeks of seeing the behaviors that we want, we can start introducing back in the salicylates one by one to see if there is any specific sensitivity to them.  So, hopefully we will get our fruits and pizza sauce back.  If you have any interest in doing this diet to help someone in your family I would highly recommend just going for it.  There is basically an alternative to every food your child loves.  There are plenty of candies and snack foods that are acceptable.  There are even natural food colorings and sprinkles for birthday cakes that you can get.  So, your child won't feel like they are missing out on everything good.  And you don't have to make everything from scratch (although, you can if you want).  So, even though it seems overwhelming, giving it a few weeks could be life changing for your child and family.  I can't imagine what my life would have been like if my mom hadn't done it for me.  I am so thankful she gave it a try.  I will post some things that we have been eating this week soon.     


Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 We had a fabulous Christmas here today despite some sickness.  Poor Madeline has had a fever for the past 2 days.  And she ended up throwing up this morning while opening presents.  But, thankfully she is feeling better now.  I think Andrew counted about 70 presents under our tree this year.  And only about half of those were from us.  The kids love to shop and make things for each other.  So, the tree was already pretty full before we even put our gifts under it. 

 Andrew scored this little Christmas village at an auction this fall for under a $1.  It was a fun little addition this year.   

 We started with stockings once Nana and Papa arrived.
 Oliver was so fun to watch this morning.  He was so excited about everything. 

 Eloise has been very happy to sit on the presents all week. I guess they are just the perfect size to make a seat for her. 

I think Eloise's favorite gift was her toothbrushes.  I like easy-to-please kids.   

And one more of Oliver. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas too! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


One of our kids' favorite things about the Fall are leaf piles.  Thankfully (for them at least) we have 2 big trees in our yard and one of them has dropped all of its leaves.  So, Andrew revved up the leaf blower and made a huge pile for the kids.  

Eloise loves a good leaf pile, just like the rest of 'em.  

 A few too many leaves in the boot.  

Lucy didn't like the loud leaf blower.  So, she watched from the steps until Daddy was done.  

Once the large pile was made, there was hours of fun to be had.  

Now we just have to wait on tree #2.