Thursday, January 11, 2007

Altered Hexon

Here it is! Andrew's debut!

Andrew's Company Holiday Party

This past Saturday was Andrew's company's holiday party. I prefer to call it what it is, a Christmas party. (Even though it was after Christmas). We had a very nice dinner at the nearby Hilton. And the best part of it was the company band. Andrew's CEO started a band. He plays the bass and he has been recruiting employees to join. He found out Andrew plays the trumpet. So, Andrew got to join the band. We even got to sit at the head table with the CEO because Andrew is his favorite trumpet player (and a "great scientist" acoording to the CEO). So, this is Andrew playing his heart out. He did such a great job. Oh, and the name of the band is Altered Hexon. If you would like to know what that means, you will have to ask Andrew.

This is his Scottish friend, Richard, playing the guitar.

Before the dinner we had a caricature made. I think we look pretty amazing.

And we had a picture made. (I prefer the caricature.)

I am still trying to figure out how to put videos on here. But, as soon as I can, I will put a video of Andrew playing in Altered Hexon. Get excited!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

New Year's Weekend

We had a wonderful New Year's with some great friends from college. Cristen and Johnny Sink were our gracious hosts. Thank you guys for opening up your home to so many people when you were trying to get ready for the baby. (They actually had their baby on January 5th. Check out the Sink blog for pictures of their precious baby girl, Kathryn Elizabeth.)

The guys had a lot of fun this weekend playing game after game of Settlers. It was wonderful because it meant that I didn't have to play.

Also, this allowed us girls to hang out with the newest member of our group, Noa Noll. It is so fun having babies around now.

Before we could have our gift exchange we had to watch The Office episode when Michael changes their nice gift exchange into a white elephant party and he buys an IPOD even though there is a $20 limit and gets mad at someone because she just knitted him an oven mitt. (It is much funnier on the show, obviously.)

It was perfect because someone wrapped up Chris France's (one of our friends) IPOD and put it in the gift exchange. And Brian got it. Congratulations Brian!

But, I think the best gift was this beautiful, taxodermied (spelling?) dog. It had the elements of surprise, fear, shock and groseness, all at the same time. Good job Lookabills!

Andrew was very proud that he actually got a picture of the clock at midnight. So, here it is. Happy New Year!!

We had a wonderful time catching up with some great friends. We wish that we could all live closer together, but it seems the Lord is taking us all over the world. (Japan, Alabama, Maryland, Harrisonburg, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Florida and who knows where else over the next few years.) So, we really cherish our times together.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Christmas with the Simmons!

We usually spend Christmas Eve with my Dad's family. But, this year we had it a little early so my aunt and cousin could join us from Alabama. Abby and my dad are now best friends. Abby calls dad "Tea" (The best she can do with Steve) And she is about to be a big sister in April.

My grandmother decided to do a gift exchange this year instead of everyone buying gifts for each other. I think it was a great idea and it was really fun. This is my grandfather, who is very happy about the goody basket he stole from Andrew.

I got a box of cane tips (you know, the rubber that goes on the tip of of cane so you don't slide around). Little did we all know that they were stuffed with $10. Yea, hittin' the jackpot!

After things calmed down a little bit, Nathaniel decided to show us his toe writing abilities. I have to admit he is pretty good. After he showed us, we all gave it a shot. (I can write my name in cursive!)

This is my family. Nathaniel, Mom, me, Andrew and Dad.

On Christmas morning, we got to go down stairs and open all our presents. I got a new Kitchen Aid mixer. I am really excited about it. I have already used it to make a meatloaf. I feel this renewed urge to cook more. Andrew got money for more glass blowing lessons. He is going on Sunday for his Intermediate Class. I will try to put up some pictures of his beautiful artwork when it is done. Nathaniel was very excited about his new hard drive :)

We got to spend the whole week after Christmas with my family. It was so nice. I am always sad when we have to leave because we all get along so well.

Christmas with the Glenns!

We got to spend the Friday night, before Christmas with Andrew's parents. Andrew's mom made a wonderful dinner and we got to have some leftover rehearsal dinner cake for dessert. :) Later we went to the movies together. It was a fun night and we enjoyed spending some special Christmas time with them.

December 17, 2006

Daniel (Andrew's brother) and Katherine were married on Dec. 17th. They got married at the Wakefield Chapel in Springfield, VA. It is a beautiful and historical church.

We had the rehearsal on Saturday and then went back to the Glenn's (Andrew's parents) house for the rehearsal dinner. We had some yummy chicken, salad and breadsticks from The Olive Garden. After dinner a lot of us went downstairs and played some "4 on the couch". It was pretty fun when everyone wasn't cheating. :)

The flowers were beautiful. They were perfect for a winter wedding.

Here is a picture of Daniel and Katherine saying their vows. (It's funny because I just wrote "vowels" instead of "vows" like they were in kindergarten saying the alphabet. Sorry, it just struck me kind of funny, so I thought I would share.)

The reception was at a really neat restaurant called 2941. Here is the entrance to the restaurant. The path across the pond leads to the entrance. There were lots of huge fish in the pond. The room that we ate dinner in is called the Waterfall Room because there are beautiful waterfalls outside the windows.

This is a nice picture of Andrew and Daniel after Andrew's funny and entertaining toast!
At the end of dinner, we all got a bowl of cotton candy.
This is what it did to everyone's tongues.

It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun!