Monday, April 26, 2010

Not me Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Oliver definitely does not have a pink sheet on his bed because he only has one sheet and I can't get it washed fast enough before he is ready to go to sleep again.  And I am not tempted one bit to leave that sheet on there because it is much softer than the sheet that matches his bedding.

I didn't just put Madeline down for a nap without a diaper because I just didn't feel like putting one on.  I definitely won't be regretting that decision in a few hours.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chomp Chomp

Oliver's first two teeth have finally broken through.  And being the good boy that he is, I just simply asked him to show me his teeth.  And he did.  (I wish.) In other Oliver news, we believe he is on the verge of crawling as well.  He is starting to get up on all fours and will sometimes move forward a little bit.  I don't think it will be too much longer before he gets the hang of it.  Of course, whenever we try to take video of it, he only lays flat on his belly with his arms and legs flailing about.  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ollie in A Bowl

I bought some new props to take pictures with and I had to try them out.  I got a bamboo floor mat and a big bowl at World Market.  We used to have one right down the street.  But, they closed.  So sad.  Anyways, I think I'm liking a bowl full of our Ollie Boy.    

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

28 Months Old

Our baby girl is 28 months old now.  Almost 2 1/2!  It has been a while since I have done an update on her and she is just growing and changing so much I needed to write it all down.  

Madeline is still not a very big eater.  She isn't necessarily picky.  Although she definitely doesn't like to try new things.  She just doesn't eat a lot of anything.  Her favorite foods are pop-tarts, yogurt covered raisins, any kind of berry and most fruits, pretzels, cheesy noodles (kraft mac n cheese), pizza, french fries, cheese, chocolate (Nutella) sandwiches,  smoothies, and yogurt.  She does not drink any milk at all.  One day she went from drinking 3-4 cups a day and the next day she cut it out cold turkey.  She says it's yucky.  She weighs about 25.5 lbs now.  Which puts her around the 20th percentile.  I'm glad that it is summer because I can buy her 18 month bottoms and they won't be too short since they are skirts and shorts.  And she is wearing mostly 3T tops for the length.  

She loves to swing at the park.  She can even swing on the big girl swing all by herself now and is beginning to learn how to pump her legs.  She is also enjoying sidewalk chalk and bubbles this spring.  She enjoys riding in the double stroller with Oliver now.  She used to hate riding in the stroller.  So, that is so nice now.    

She is the sweetest big sister.  She gets so excited when she sees him in the morning.  She always tells me, "Mommy!  There's Awver!"  And then she goes over and says hello to him and rubs his head and gives him a hug.  She likes to sing Jesus Loves Me to him when he is crying.  She sings it like this, "Jesus loves me this I know.  For the Bible tells me so.  Little ones to him belong.  They are weak, but his be strong.  They are weak, but his be strong.  They are weak, but his be strong..."  And for some reason she continues to sing this part over and over until I say, "yes".  And then she will sing, "Yes Jesus loves me.  The Bible tells me so."  (It doesn't necessarily make Oliver stop crying.  But, it is sweet that she tries.)  She also tries to help Oliver do things like play with his toys.  She will move his hands to push different buttons.  She is very patient with him when he grabs her hair.  She calmly just asks for help.  Andrew also put her hair in her first ponytail as you can see below.  

She loves to play hide and seek throughout the house.  She also still loves to pretend.  She plays restaurant a lot.  She also takes care of her babies.  She usually has a big girl named, Madeline, and a baby named, Baby Girl.  Sometimes her babies are Baby Oliver or Baby Aliyah (a baby in our care group).  

She has major issues dealing with change.  I took this picture on what I thought was going to be her last night in her baby bed.  But, little did I know, a month later and she would still be in her crib.  So, there is a big girl bed and a crib in her room.  Not sure what to do.  It's not like she needs to be out of the crib anytime soon.  And she loves it so much.  The slightest change can send her into tears; winter to spring wardrobe change, new water in her cup instead of leaving the old water, or laying down a new floor mat.  I have started telling her that she has to go to her room if she is going to cry.  That usually stops the tears because she doesn't want to be in there by herself.  But, on occasion she has walked to her room, closed her door, and then cried until she calmed down on her own.  Then she will come back out to join us.  She is certainly a creature of habit.  She knows which stuffed animals belong in her bed.  If I accidentally put one in her bed that shouldn't be there,  I will find it on the floor in the morning.  

She is mostly potty trained.  I still put a diaper on her for naps and bedtime.  But, she has been waking up dry for several weeks now.  I love that she sings when she is happy.  She sings "Kwinkle Kwinkle Little Star..." a lot.  She will also put other words to that tune.  Her favorite word right now is, "Why?"  She will ask that until the cows come home.  She continues to amaze us with her speech and comprehension.  She's a good problem solver and thinker. She is quick to think of ways to persuade us to do something.  (Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't :)

Madeline is so happy and full of life.  We have a blast together.  It is so fun to watch her brain growing and her mind working.  It is such a blessing to be her mom.  I am really enjoying watching her become such a sweet sister and friend to Oliver.  We love this little girl so much!  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday...

When outside this past week, Madeline certainly was not doing the potty dance while we were no where near a bathroom.  And I certainly did not hold her up behind a tree next to the playground to go pee pee in the grass while hoping that the guy working at the pool a little ways away didn't see us.  Who would encourage their children to go potty outside, behind a tree, next to a playground?

And I would certainly never sneak away to the bathroom for a few minutes of alone time just to post this blog.  Not me!  I am always up for playing 2 year old games every second of the day.  Oh nevermind, it's no longer alone time.  Madeline certainly did not just bring her blanket in here with me and start hanging out.

Oh and I didn't just run out of toilet paper and send Madeline to go find some for me.  And she didn't just bring back a tiny handful for me to use.  Thanks!

I definitely was not intending for this to be a potty post.  But, that's just how it goes sometimes.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

He is Risen Indeed!

After a wonderful Easter service at church, we headed to our friends', The Pulls, house along with 22 other people.  The Pulls were such gracious and wonderful hosts.

We had an egg hunt.  The men hid all the eggs while the women were inside with the kids.  Andrew might have gotten a dollar for hiding/throwing an egg up into the nest.  (See it with the arrow pointing to it?  That's pretty high.  My baby's got good "easter egg throwing" abilities even if it did take him a million tries.)  
Joe and Trisha have the best back yard.  They have a cool swing set, lots of room to run (which is rare up here) and this cool firehouse.  So, it was a great place for an easter egg hunt.    

After, the hunt at Nana's house, Madeline was a pro!  (Except for that obvious one that she missed in the first picture.)

What is it about little girls, in Easter dresses, carrying an Easter basket?  A. dor. a. ble!

Little boys are pretty cute too :)  Poor Andrew is the lone boy among the gaggle of girls.  I think his parents are excited for Oliver to grow a little bit so that Andrew can have a little boy influence around him and his sister would stop dressing him up in princess dresses. :)  He he

Madeline knows that anything that comes from the Pulls house must be thoroughly inspected before eating, including the Easter candy.  (Actually, the opposite is quite true.  If you have had anything that Trisha has made, you will never question anything she makes.  It is amazing!)

Beth (the older girl pictured below) is the favorite big girl around here.  I'm sure she was exhausted after a long afternoon of playing and entertaining toddlers and preschoolers.  She helps in Madeline's MOPPETS class on Wednesdays and Madeline loves her.  She is one of the only reasons I can get Madeline unattached from my body on those mornings.  

Thanks Joe and Trisha, for a wonderful Easter Sunday with friends.  We had so much fun celebrating our risen Lord with you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Easter After Party

After everyone else went home, we headed to a nearby school to play on the playground to hang out with Nana and Papa a little longer.

Stay tuned for one more Easter post.  

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We celebrated Easter with Andrew's family on the Saturday before Easter.  Here's Oliver with his look-a-like. :)

Andrew's mom found a bunch of new toys for Madeline to play with when she goes to their house including this cool store tent.  (Although, I think it was being used as an elevator during this shot.)

Daddy and his baby girl gettin' ready for an egg hunt.

This was Madeline's first Easter egg hunt.  She enjoyed it a lot.  

Me and my sweet girl.  

Also joining us, was Andrew's brother, Daniel.  His wife, Katherine.  Her parents, Penny and Joao and a family friend, Noelle.  And of course, Andrew's mom, who made a wonderful feast.  And Andrew's dad, who is taking the pictures with Andrew.  
There are more pictures to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jeni's Having a Baby!

This past weekend, I headed to Chesapeake, VA for a baby shower.  One of my roommates from college, Jeni, is having a baby at the end of May.  This will be her first.  But, it will be the 8th baby among my roommates with a 9th one due a couple weeks after Jeni's.  It is always fun to find an excuse to hang out with my roommates.

  Kim did an amazing job with the decorations.  She is quite the crafty girl.  You can check out more of her work at Thirty One Eighteen

We played several games.  The first was the Sock Game!  We timed everyone to see who could fold the baby socks the fastest.  (With my amazing baby sock folding talent, I won an adorable bag, which now Madeline has found and has dubbed "her purse" which she carries all of her pretend food in.  Maybe I will get to use it someday.)

Then we played a baby item guessing game.  We had to feel what was inside of the paper bag and guess what it was.  (Once again, all the hours of baby shower game prep paid off.  This time I won an apron.  Which I am very excited about because I have been wanting an apron for like 5 years.)

The final game is one that I have heard and read about.  But, never played.  And since I had won the first two games.  I graciously took myself out of the competition to capture looks of disgust and horror like this.  Oh yea, it's the candy bar poop game.  Melted Almond Joys and Hershey Bars in diapers....mmmm.

On that note, it was time for a break from the games and to get some cake.  My freshman roomy, Krisha.    I like her lots! :)

Now that our bellies are full, we can watch Jeni open her presents.

Everyone, except JRob :(.  Me, Jeni, Krisha, Cristen and Kim.  

The two preggos (that we know of ;)  

I like how they both instinctively put their left hand under and their right hand over their bellies.  

I'm so excited for you Jeni!  You are going to be a great mommy!  We can't wait to meet little Jordan!