Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have been in such a non-picture taking funk.  But, this beautiful day sucked me right out of my funk.  We threw caution to the wind, skipped naps and went on a walk this afternoon.  Lucy and Oliver snuggled up in the double stroller while Madeline rode her new bike.  We headed over to the elementary school.  

This baby girl is the happiest baby.  Just look at her and you get a smile.  Not much better than that.    

A few other kids came to the playground and Oliver kept saying, "Hey guys!!," as if they were already good friends.  He's not usually that outgoing.  But, he really liked these kids for some reason.  

I know you probably don't care, but the lighting was really fun.  The sun was behind Oliver, but it bounced off the school windows and created this beautiful glow on their faces.  perfect! And all the long shadows were super fun.  

Madeline always has some crazy trick she wants to show us.  

 It's hard to believe that she will be at this school in another year and a half.  Unless we homeschool or something crazy like that :)

Lucy didn't like being left out of all the action.  But, a little attention from Oliver got some quick smiles.  

She finally got to play on the playground too.

Oliver squeezed himself right up next to her.  

Madeline told me tonight that she didn't want Lucy to grow up because she is just so cute.

This is Oliver's frustrated or mad look.  I'm not sure why he is giving me this look here.  I don't think he was frustrated or mad.  Maybe he was just concerned about how to get down after getting up that high.  

After we walked home, we hung out in the yard for a while while Lucy slept in the stroller.  So, one baby got a nap today, even though it was pretty short.

We played on the trampoline until Lucy woke up.  What?  You didn't know we got a trampoline?  Oh, that's because I haven't blogged about Christmas yet.  It's coming.  Don't you fret.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Madeline no longer takes a nap.  But, she does usually have some rest time or room time in the afternoon.  (She and mommy both need a little down time.)  I'm not sure what she did during her roomtime this day.  But, Andrew took pictures of it before it was all cleaned up.  It looks like a pretty elaborate party with all her animal friends.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homestead Farm

I'm making it into some October posts now.  Sigh... I am so far behind.  Oh well, The Holmes family joined us at the apple orchard for an unusually warm October day.  Madeline and Faith are such good buddies.  They do MDO, Cubbies, MOPS and church together.   

Before we headed out to the apple trees, the kids played on the hay bails for a little while.  

Since we waited until October to pick apples, the pickin's were slim.  But, we found a few good trees.  

Oliver was happy to devour a few apples.  

 After we filled our buckets, we hung out for a while longer near the lake and jumped off the hay bails a little more.  

 Sweet Lucy.  She was only about a month old.  

Thanks for joining us Holmes.  We had fun with you guys!