Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Moments

My mom just sent me these pictures tonight from the night Lucy was born.  They are so precious.  I don't want to forget them.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2 Years Old

Our sweet boy turned 2 years old yesterday.  He had no idea that it was his birthday.  But, we are having a party for him on Saturday.  Tonight, I lit a candle on our dinner table and he started singing, "Happy Birthday, to you"  over and over again.   I am trying to teach him to say, "I'm two" and hold up 2 fingers.  So far, all we've got it, "one, two".  We'll get there.  

Oliver is really into cars right now.  He makes them zoom around our ottoman, he puts them to bed in the Little People house and he pushes them around on the floor.  Our neighbor gave us a red cozy coupe and a little red ride-on Hummer.  And he loves them both.  Him and Madeline fight over the cozy coupe a lot actually.   

He is talking so much now.  Many times, Andrew and I just look at each other like, "what did he just say," because he has rattled off something we didn't understand.  But, he knows exactly what he is saying.  My favorite thing he is saying right now is, "Bob a May-no" for Bob the Tomato.  It is his favorite cartoon right now.  He also talks about his friends Anna and "Yevi" (Levi) a lot.  I also like how he says, "Oh man", when something doesn't go right.  Oliver also likes to make people laugh.  He will intentionally hurt himself to get a laugh out of us, like bang his head on the table at dinner time.  

He has always loved tags.  He has a taggie blanket that is his favorite and I have made him a couple taggie lovies that he likes as well.  But, he has recently discovered the tags inside his shirts.  He can usually be found with his hand in his shirt, rubbing the tag.  If we forget his blankets, it's ok because he can always find a tag in his shirt.  

 Oliver loves Lucy.  Sometimes he calls her Lou or Wucy.  He knows which pacis are hers and tries to give her one when she is crying. 

He also likes to hug and snuggle with her in her bouncy seat or carseat.  He is very gentle and sweet with her.  

And he loves climbing in and out of her bed to check on her or just to play in her bed.  

Oliver likes riding in the stroller and gets very jealous of Lucy if I put her carseat in the stroller.  Apparently it is his seat.  He sat in it a couple times during 40 Days for Life while we went to "Praying for Babies" (as Madeline calls it).  

 Oliver is a snuggle bug when he wakes up or is woken up early from his nap (which is usually every night at 5).  When I lay him down to sleep, he usually sticks his feet out of the railings and says "uh oh" and waits for me to pretend to bite his toes.  He thinks it's hilarious.  When I finally walk out of his room, he is super sad.  He has figured out how to open his crib tent and just yesterday, he figured out how to climb out of his crib again.  So, his zipper is now clamped shut with a heavy duty clamp.  And his diapers are duct taped on since he likes to undress and take his diaper off during naps and bed time.

He likes to brush his teeth and says, "monkey teeth" or "elephant teeth" since I told him that we had to get the monkeys and elephants out of his teeth so he would let me brush his teeth.  It works!

He is preparing to take over daddy's business.  

But, really just loves to play in the car.   He could play out in our van all afternoon.  Madeline and him play house, boat and whatever else in there.  

Madeline and Oliver are good buddies.  Whenever we take Madeline to school, he is sad that she is missing from her carseat beside him.  And he is super excited to go pick her up.  Madeline has a way of  getting him dressed up in anything.  

Oliver is a somewhat picky eater.  But, not when it comes to sweets.  Back at Madeline's no more paci party,  he ended up sneaking 3 cupcakes while no one was paying attention.  He likes his sweets.  

Here's a video of Oliver singing Go Tell it on the Mountain along with his cute little personality.  

Oliver is definitely a 2 year old with strong opinions and a strong will of his own.  But, he is absolutely adorable, sweet and funny.    We love him to pieces and are so grateful for the gift of 2 years with him so far.  We love you Oliver!  Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

3 Kiddos

I am so behind on blogging.  But, here is a little snapshot of our 3 kiddos before bathtime last night.  It pretty much sums them up.