Friday, July 11, 2008

She Has A Name

Well, after 7 months, Madeline finally has her name on the wall. I bought these letters at Michael's way before she was born. But, then I had to paint them and figure out how to put them on the wall. So, they have been hiding under her bed for a long time. Trying to hang 8 perfectly level letters on the wall seemed impossible. We finally found these shelves at The Container Store and they work perfectly.

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Chantry said...

Hey! Thanks for the sweet note - I have been checking your blog often. I love watching your little one grow - she really is adorable and has the cutest smile!! I am trying to learn as much as I can from all the other moms out there - I will have to recall your "sleep boot camp" when it comes time in a few months. It seemed to work well for you! =) Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Chantry said...

PS - I have been following this GREAT mom blog at

If you would like to check it out...the topics change each week but the information and insite from the women on the site is really good! Its been a real encouragement to me!