Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Box

A box sure can create a lot of entertainment for one night.  I was incredibly impressed with Madeline's ability to fit inside this box.  It just really isn't that big.  But, I guess she is just really that little.  

I hate feeling claustrophobic....shudder. 

After some circus - like antics, we moved on to "nativity" time.  Which is what Madeline calls "activitiy time".  Which now, I think it has actually moved to "Activ-ty" time.  I think I like"nativity time" the best.    It's just cute.  

Can you tell what we turned this box into?

Oh wait, I have to stop taking pictures.

What?  You still don't know what the box is?  You are going to be so embarrassed that you didn't guess it. It's a telescope.  duh!

Everyone helped decorate it.  Well, actually, Madeline has now run away to hide from the camera.  But, Oliver is still oblivious to his mother's desire to document his life.  

Oliver loves coloring with markers, crayons and pens.  

He really loves taking the lids on and off.  

But, he really loves eating them!  That's normal, right?


Laurie B. said...

I would be a rich woman, if I had a dollar for every B&H box in my house. ;-)

Building Walls said...
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Building Walls said...

I LOVE these pictures :) (Especially the one of Madline telling you not to take her pic :) Made me smile. Also so proud of you guys and excited about the post below. Will be committed to praying for you guys in this venture... God is so. big... and I know these are pursuits after His heart! "Greater things are yet to come..." :)