Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 Months Old

Helllloooooo... where is the pause button people! 10 months! That is only 2 months away from 1 year! Well, she is definitely growing and changing.

I love how she is interacting with other kids now. She likes to follow the big kids around and try to do what they are doing. At the playground the other day, she followed all the kids up the steps, up the platforms to the slide at the top. Then I would meet her at the top and go down the slide with her. Then she would follow all the kids again. She has a lot to learn about sharing though. For now, she likes to "show" other kids her toys. She will hold them out like she is going to give them a toy and then she jerks it back away. She can pass a ball though. I will roll it to her and she will hand it back to me.

She loves the outdoors. What are we going to do when it gets too cold? I guess that is what coats, hats and gloves are for.

I have had to clean her shoes with Comet twice already because she gets them so dirty while she is playing.

Yep... she found her nose. And so it begins...

I really like how she squats. It reminds me of a little Asian baby :)

She is getting pretty good at entertaining herself. While I am working in the kitchen she will pull out my nesting collanders and carry them around or put them on her head. Sometimes she will play on the stairs. She likes to carry things up the steps or play with them on the bottom few steps. She is very good at going up and down the steps. So, I don't worry too much about her falling. She will also walk from room to room looking for things to play with and explore.

She has really started liking stuffed animals. Her favorites are this monkey, a blue fish from Dr. Suess' "One Fish, Two Fish,..." and a small lion that her aunt Katherine got her. She carries them around the house all the time. She will bring them to me to hug, then she hugs them and then I hug them both.

She still loves books. She pulls them out of her bucket all the time and then flips through the pages. She also carries them to me and sits between my legs while I read it to her.

Madeline is pretty good at walking now. It is definitely her prefered method of transportation. We don't see too much crawling these days. If she falls down, she gets right back up and keeps on walking. She loves to carry things around the house, especially things that look entirely too big for her to carry.

Madeline's eating has been changing a bit lately. She seems to prefer big people food instead of the pureed stuff. But, it seems difficult to get as much food in her when she is feeding herself. I guess that will change in time. She isn't completely done with baby food. She still loves her green beans and peas. And she also eats a lot of bananas mixed with other things like berries, pears or apples. We have tried the pureed meals and she won't eat them. So, now she is eating things like pancakes, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, pasta, bread and mixed vegetables. Last night she ate Salmon cakes and zuchini with us. Tonight she ate a slice of red pepper while I was making dinner. She also likes to take bites out of foods like apples or tangerines and anything we hold up to her mouth, like tacos. Simeon gave her a baby pumpkin and there are teeth marks all in it. One of her favorite snacks is Cheerios. She carries a SnackTrap around with her hand stuck in it a lot. She also likes graham crackers, saltine crackers and pretzels. She still needs her sign language videos to eat during a meal. But, I think she is learning a lot. She moves her hands around like she is signing stuff all the time. So far, I have seem glimses of, "airplane", "more", "all done", "fish" and "milk".
Other things:
~Whenever we take her upstairs to see the fish, she says, "fffff", "fffff". She doesn't usually make that sound at other things. So, it seems, to us at least, she is trying to say, "fish".
~She had a tooth break though the other day. So, she is up to 5 teeth.
~She likes to nod her head, "yes" now. And if she hears me say, "no no", she will nod her head, "no".
~She is still taking 2 naps on most days. One around 10am and one around 3pm. But, sometimes she only takes one when she wakes up around 8am. Then she will take a nap around 12pm. I am trying to hold on to that morning nap. I still need a time to get a shower! She has had a day with no naps and she did pretty well. As long as she can get outside, she is a happy girl. It's nice that she can be a little more flexible now.
Madeline is such a joy to us. We love just watching her do her thing. She is so cute and entertaining. We are having a blast with our little girl!


Beth Simmons said...

I love her new videos! What a smart girl:)

Nathaniel Simmons said...

I am so happy that you are blogging this stuff. I really wish I could hang out with you guys more.

Jess said...

Hey Andrew, Naomi & Madeline - so glad you found our blog :-) I can't believe Madeline is 10 months - she is SOOOO adorable! We will have to get together again sometime soon - we had a great time playing Settlers last time we hung out.