Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Park

Well, it was a beautiful day here in Germantown, MD. So, Madeline and I jumped in the car and headed to a nearby park. Madeline had a blast! She was a little leary of the tunnels. But would go through them if I stood at the other side.

She went down the slide for the first time by herself. She went down on her belly, feet first. I don't think she liked it. So, I usually just went down with her.

We checked out all the cool equipment. Madeline would see a big kid do something and then she would want to do it to. She tried to climb up the slide, but she couldn't quite do it yet.

She loves bouncy things. They are kind of like the horsey at Granny B and Pawpaw's house.

Madeline also met several friends...

and Kaitlyn.
It's pretty fun to be able to go to a park now!
All that playing really wears a little girl out. Madeline came home and went down for her nap without a single fuss.


Briana said...

love that swing pic---so cute!

Katherine said...

Her little red jumper and red shoes are so cute. What size shoe does she wear?