Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Ready for School

Well, we decided to take the plunge and give homeschooling a try.  We were not unhappy with Madeline's public school experience at all.  In fact, we loved her school and teacher.  But, for many other reasons and promptings in our hearts, we are choosing to do first grade at home.  And I am so excited.  We wanted to make a special place for schooling.  So, thanks to IKEA and a little child labor, we have a great room to work in.  

Andrew is mad at me because we used to own a giant glowing globe.  But, I made him get rid of it when we lived in our condo.  There just wasn't room for it.  So, he lucked out when he searched on craigslist for a globe and found this glowing beauty. And it is a much more manageable size. 

 Andrew has also been looking for a way to get his fish tanks back in the house since we moved here.  And we both thought the homeschooling room would be the perfect spot.  Even Eloise can say "fish" now.  It adds the perfect touch to our science center, right next to the microscope.   (Which, thankfully, gets the microscope out of the kitchen.  yipee!)     
I think we are all set for school now.  

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Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

I love your new school room, Naomi and Andrew! Y'all did an incredible job!