Friday, August 22, 2008


Madeline and I went to visit Andrew at work today. Madeline got to see all of Daddy's friends.

She showed off her walking skills a little bit. (She was really just trying to get to the box of donuts.)

At first she didn't want anyone, except her daddy, holding her. (But, she certainly didn't mind everyone looking at her.) After a while she let a few people hold her. But, only briefly.

Leila had very pretty jewelry to play with.

Everyone was so nice. Someone gave her a cute Zebra to play with. And someone else even gave her part of their lunch, a Baby Asian Pear. She gnawed on it for a long time. It was the perfect size. Yummy!

It took her a minute to warm up to Chris.
But, then she really liked his silly faces.
I think she was sad to go. All of her adoring fans are gone and she is stuck with just mom. :)

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