Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Light Painting

My parents came up for a visit this past weekend. While they were here, my mom showed us a video on how to do light painting. So, once we figured out how to do it, Andrew and I were entertained for hours. Basically, you leave the shutter on your camera open and then use a light (like a flashlight) to paint. When you are done painting, then close your shutter.

This is Andrew's interpretation of the Roanoke Star.

Also, his Christmas tree. We used Madeline's sippy cups and tissue paper over the flashlight to get the different colors.

Andrew said this is supposed to be a giraffe. But, I think it is a pretty good llama.

I tried to make an elephant. But, it pretty much looks like an ant eater in the army.

My apple tree.

After a while, we started playing "charades". Andrew would draw something and we had to guess what it was. This is a whale...

...and a boy flying a kite.

If you are interested in some nighttime fun. You can check out this video on light painting. (You have to scroll down the page a little to find it.) Or you can just come hang out with us!


The Cavanaughs said...

Between Rock Band and this.. you guys know all the cool stuff to do!!!

Nathaniel Simmons said...

I want to learn to light paint