Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 Wonderful Years!

Today is our anniversary! We were married on 6.5.04 which means that we have been married for 4 wonderful years. It has been amazing to be married to my best friend these past 4 years. Andrew is such a loving, sweet and fun husband. And now he is an awesome father!

Our day started out great because Andrew didn't have to go into work until lunchtime because the power was out from the severe storms that we had yesterday. So, we got to spend a little extra time with him this morning. When Andrew got home from work, we decided to celebrate by taking Madeline to the pool for the first time (as well as our first time since we have lived here). Then we ended our night with a free Chik-Fil-A meal. :)

Madeline got ready by putting on her first swim diaper. It was a little big because we couldn't find a smaller size. But, it worked just fine.

Madeline got to use her new float. And she also floated around with us a little bit. We never got up the courage to put her head under the water. Maybe we will try next time. The water was a little chilly for her since she doesn't really swim around. We finally got out after about half an hour when her lips started shivering.

So, she got all snuggled up in a towel and dried off.

I think she enjoyed her first pool experience and we had a wonderful anniversary.

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