Monday, April 7, 2008

Madeline's Favorite Toys

Madeline loves to reach out for anything that we walk close to. She loves to grab this flower in her bedroom everytime we head to her bath. She always wants the remote control. I have to hide it while I am burping her or else she will get distracted and won't want to eat more.

She loves my water bottle. I think all the bubbles fascinate her when I drink water out of it.

And she loves her toes right now. These are the best toys because they are always there. She was trying very hard to get them into her mouth this morning. I am sure it won't be too much longer.

She likes a lot of actual baby toys too. But, these are the ones that are fascinating her the most for now.


The Sinks said...

Toes are the best! I still like mine a lot, but mommy makes a face at me when I put them in my mouth since I walk now. She thinks it's gross or something. Oh, and by the way, nice red hair in the last picture with your toes. I went red for a while, but am now going for a little more blonde look.


JRob said...

I think that you are super cute! I never change how I look, but you get prettier every time I see one of your photos. I, too, like to reach out and grab things. When my friend Jenny is watching TV I think it is very funny to sit on top of the remote control. Jenny is very funny as she looks all over for the remote, she goes crazy! - you should try that!

love and purrs,
The General

Andrew, Naomi and Madeline said...

Madeline has some very funny friends :)

Redcay's said...

oh I love to see pictures of sweet Madeline. She is so very cute!! We were in germantown last week but we had really bad colds....sorry we missed you but we did not want to share our terrible cough with your family :)
keep those adorable pics coming!!

The Cavanaughs said...

Man I love that kid!! She's so stinking adorable - it's painful!! We'll have to get together REAL soon so I can squeeze her! YAY!!