Thursday, April 3, 2008

Madeline's 4 Month Check-up

Well, we headed to the doctor yesterday for Madeline's well-baby check-up. The doctor said she looked great. She weighed 13 lbs. 3 oz. (45%) and is 26 inches long (97%). This means that she is long and lean, every girl's dream :) We discovered that she has a dairy allergy around her 1 month check up. So, the doctor said that maybe we could start slowly adding dairy back in my diet and see how she reacts. So, I came home and had a big bowl of ice cream, Moose Tracks, my favorite. Now, I'm still not sure if she was reacting to the vaccines or the ice cream, but around 5 pm she cried, inconsolably, for 20-30 minutes until I distracted her by playing in the sink. Unfortunately, I am thinking that it was the ice cream. And now, I don't really want to try anymore dairy, because who wants to put their baby through that again. But, we need to get this dairy thing straightened out and then we get to start trying some solids! Yeah!

The picture above is of her taking a nap today. We are finally starting to ween her off the swaddle. The swaddle has been great. In fact, I would recommend buying a swaddle with velcro because it keeps them so snug. And we could never swaddle her with blankets like the nurses at the hospital. But, now that her arms are getting stronger, her hands are escaping, like in the picture below.

Now, it would be ok if those hands would just hold still. But, they start attacking her and she can't get away from them. So, she wakes up and then we have to go reswaddle her. So, I am thinking that it is just time for her to sleep without it. She did a great job last night and her nap this morning went great as well. So, I think we are onto something. When I laid her down for her nap this morning. She just snuggled up with the blanket and was alseep before I even left the room. She is such a good baby.

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Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

thanks for the tip on the velcro swaddle blanket...we may have to invest in those. Caedmon's arms have been "escaping" for the last few days (and we had actually gotten quite good at swaddling, or so we thought) and he doesn't have great arm control so they end up "bonking" him in the face every time he lifts them. I loved the pictures of Madeline...she's so sweet! We hope to see her again soon and get to introduce her to Caedmon.