Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We went to my cousin's house for lunch after church.

Abby and Madeline

We had a wonderful time with family over the holiday. But, more importantly, it was a great weekend to celebrate Jesus' resurrection! And as perfect as Madeline seems right now, we know that she is a sinner like everyone else. So, we pray that Madeline will come to know what Jesus did for her on that cross at an early age. And that she will have an understanding of the true meaning of Easter.

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Redcay's said...

Wow madeline is so very beautiful! I love her sweet dresses....how fun. She looks so much like her gorgeous mother!

Briana and Trevor said...

I can't believe how big she is! my goodness, such a cutie. She looks like your dad. Very cute easter dress and sun glasses.

My mom mentioned that she saw your mom at the airport. I remember the good old days of jumping on your trampoline to "Kris Kross will make you jump, jump!" Good times. How grown up we are now. You'll have to play that song for Madeline and her friends when she gets older, oh and get a trampoline too. ;)