Monday, December 10, 2007


My parents just left to go back home yesterday after spending the entire week with us. They arrived at the hospital shortly after I called to tell them that my water had broken. I have to admit that I cried a little and I have a feeling that my mom cried as soon as she walked out the door too. So, I guess that is a good sign that I already miss them after spending an entire week with them. And I don't miss them because of all the work they did. I just miss their company and the way they doted on Madeline all week. But, they were so very helpful. Mom and dad cleaned the house before we got home from the hospital. Mom did laundry all week long and even ironed shirts that we forgot that we owned (because I never iron). She also cooked for us each night and pretty much waited on us all week. It was such a blessing, especially since it was a little difficult to get around this past week. Dad recaulked our bathrooms and kitchen and replaced the recepticles in another bathroom. He also ran to the grocery store numerous times for random things that wee needed. And of course, they played with Madeline all week long. It is a little weird to not have their extra hands around here. Madeline really misses here Granny B and Paw Paw.

Andrews parents arrived at the hospital shortly after we called them as well. They have been up here several times this week as well. Andrew's mom has cooked so many meals for us. She also went to "Let's Dish" to prepare lots of frozen meals for us. Madeline has enjoyed many hours of snuggling in their arms. Thanks PaPa Paul and NaNa!

We are so greatful for our parents and all the support they have given us. We desire for Madeline to grow up being very close with each of her grandparents and getting "spoiled" with all their love and "grandparentness". What a special relationship she is developing with them already.


Becky Swann said...

What cool grandparents she has! Does your dad do his seagull noises and police car sirens for her? She is one lucky little lady.

Beth Simmons said...

Granny B and PawPaw miss Madeline AND her parents so very much. I haven't gotten much done at home except for looking at her pictures. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of her first week of life.

The Sinks said...

What a blessing it is to have so much love and support for Madeline and you all already! I cried when my mom left too (it was also the day that Johnny had to go back to work...ahhh!!). Can't wait to see ya'll soon!