Thursday, October 25, 2012


Madeline and Oliver started gymnastics this fall.  I do a class with Oliver while Madeline does her own class with 4 or 5 other little girls.  Madeline wanted me to bring a paper and crayons to her class so that I could draw pictures of what she was doing so she could make a book.  I told her I would just bring my camera.  It might be slightly easier.  

We always start with stretching and then we move into the obstacle courses.  One of them is usually balance beams.  The other usually works on forward rolls, cartwheel prep, bars and other fun stuff. 

 The tumble tramp looks like the most fun to me.  I really want to give it a try.  But, I will just stick to watching Madeline and Oliver.

There are several other friends doing the class with us.  Annie is one of Madeline's friends from church.  

They get to play on the bars while they wait for the turn on the trampoline (for Oliver) and bars (for Madeline).

 The Pit is probably the kids' favorite part.  Oliver loves to swing and drop into the pit or jump off the beam or horse into it.

Madeline's turn at the other obstacle course now.  

Now, onto the beams.  

And now her turn at the pit!

I love his sweet little feet, waiting patiently for his turn.  

Finally his turn.  They practice opening and closing their feet (apparently really hard for 2 year olds) and seat dropping.  

Mr. Willy always ends the class with popcorn.  "It's getting really hot and I think we're gonna pop!  Pop pop pop pop pop!

And this is what Lucy does during the whole thing.  She just hangs out and doesn't make a peep.  But, she usually manages to pull her piggy out by the end of class leaving her with an awesome bed head do.  


Jenny said...

You got such great pictures! It looks like they are really enjoying it, so cute!

Maureen said...

I love the self portrait!

Beth Simmons said...

These shots are so much fun!