Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 Months

Little Miss Lucy turned 2 months old on Saturday and we are loving every minute with her.  I think she is our smiliest baby.  As soon as she wakes up and eats, she will smile at us for the next 20 minutes or so.  She just seems so happy.  She is giving us lots of coos now too.  And it seems like she is on the verge of laughing.  

She is a really good baby.  She is going to bed around 10pm and sleeping until 4 or 5am.  Then she goes back to sleep until everyone wakes up around 8.  She was sleeping pretty well during the day until last week and now her naps seem to be pretty quick cat naps unless she is in the sling or in my arms.  
We thought we would have to watch Oliver pretty closely around Lucy.  But, he is very loving and thoughtful to her.  One night, while I was reading a bedtime story to Madeline, Lucy was fussing in her crib.  Oliver went in to check on Lucy.  When I went in to check on Oliver, he had climbed into her crib, lined up her pacis for her and wound up her mobile for her.  He was carefully standing over her so he didn't step on her.  He was being very sweet.  He does gets a little jealous when she gets in things that he thinks are his, like the stroller or his grandparents' laps.   

Lucy loves her daddy.  She needs her daddy time in the evenings to keep her happy.  He knows just how to hold her to make her happy.  

Madeline finally got to put Lucy in her doll cradle.  That was an exciting day for Madeline :)  Lucy barely fit.  

She is enjoying her gym and swing a little more.  It might be more tolerating rather than enjoying.  But, she will spend about 5-10 minutes in either before the happiness is over.  

She still likes to sleep on her belly.  She was crying at her doctor's appointment on Tuesday and when the doctor flipped her over on her belly, she calmed right down.  I told Andrew that I wished there were carseats that allowed your child to lay on their bellies.  Because I think there would be a lot less fussing in the car.  And speaking of doctors visits, she weighed 11lbs 6 oz(70%) and is 23.5 inches tall (50%).  

We've tried the Bumbo seat a few times.  It doesn't usually end with smiles.  

One thing she absolutely loves is her mobile.  When it is time for baths and bedtimes for the other two, we put her in her bed and wind the mobile up over and over and she gets super excited about it.  She just smiles and smiles at it.  I wish the mobile lasted a little longer between wind ups.  She also loves her bathtime as well.  She just kicks and kicks for the longest time.  She also has a hard time keeping her eyes off of the Elmo that hangs out in our bathtub.    

Madeline loves her little sister.  

So does Oliver.  

This is how we travel when we are out and about.  Lucy loves to be in the sling.  She will sleep for hours in it.  It is probably my #1 baby item at this stage.
Happy 2 month birthday sweet girl.  We love you bunches!


Building Walls said...

She's so cute!! I love seeing the pictures of Madeline and Oliver with her too. Such a great family! Good to see your photos again.

frank and kristin said...

Sweet pictures of Lucy Kate, Naomi. She's so petite. I can tell how much she is loved by Madeline and Oliver too. Thanks as well for the hint about the Dapper Snappers. I'll have to do a search for those. Soon too! :)

ranelle said...

i was so excited to see your post!I have been wondering how you guys were doing, and how miss lucy is growing. Berkeley is four months today! I'm glad everything is going well. Give the kids a squeeze for me. Hope to see you soon.

and p.s. I'm glad I'm not the only "sling mama" ;)i get some looks sometimes, but berkeley loves the thing!

Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

You are doing amazing with three and Lucy is a precious baby girl. :-) Happy 2 months Lucy!

Krisha said...

LOVED everything about this post. The shot of Lucy on Andrew's belly, and in your sling, and her lying on her belly in andrew's arms. And Lucy on her belly on the couch kinda reminds me of you, Na, in college! haah.But my favorite was the one of her in Madeline's little doll crib and also the story of sweet Oliver tip-toeing around her. That made smile. Hope we get to meet her sometime!