Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Second Christmas Morning

After our party with the Simmons' clan, we had our own Christmas morning on Sunday morning. Madeline got what everyone wants, a big box 'o money!

She also got a cool doctor set. She likes it when Andrew gives her "happy shots". It makes her happy when she is sad. She also makes sure to give you a p-pop (lollipop) after she gives you a shot.

This is what Nathaniel does with a doctor set.

Mickey and Minnie made it to our Christmas this year. Madeline really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We might need to start thinking about a trip to Disney world.

Pawpaw enjoyed his grandbabies.

And Oliver enjoyed some time in Gigi's arms.

Madeline also loves Dora. So, she also got Dora and Boots to play with.

Dad enjoying his reciprocating saw and Maple Nut Goodies.

Madeline and Oliver each got some adorable luggage. Madeline's is a ladybug as you can see. And Oliver's is a penguin.

Oliver's big toy was an exersaucer. He loves it even though he has to be propped up with a blanket. It also turns into a play mat (which he enjoys right now) and a play table. Pretty cool.

My grandparents came over for dinner and, of course, enjoyed some Oliver time.

Pawpaw kept a fire going the whole time we were in. Madeline loved it and tries to sit in front of our gas fireplace. But, ours gives off absolutely no heat at all, to her disappointment.

Thanks for such a relaxing, generous, enjoyable and warm Christmas, mom and dad. You were incredible hosts!

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Beth Simmons said...

These are really fun pictures. I'm glad you got some. I didn't seem to get any good ones on our "Christmas" morning. We had such a good time with you all here. Pawpaw hasn't built a fire since you left. He just turned on the upstairs one:)